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May Haul (Landmark, Suesh, Bench and Nivea 50%OFF!!!)

Hello everyone!!! Today's post is about this impulsive shopping that I did yesterday. It was so random because I just had an event at Kowloon Restaurant and then since the event ended earlier I decided to drop by in Trinoma which is just a jeepney ride away.

And as you know when I go to Teinoma I usually just watch movie and for this time I decided to see The Amazing Spiderman which is super AMAZING!!!! I love the learning that this movie gave me and the ending is so good especially the rising action of Gwen's death (spoiler alert*) I super duper love the movie especially because I watched it for the first time in 3D :)

Anyways, after the movie I decided to shop for new outfit for work and also some beauty stuffs to add in my collection.

I bought random stuff from cloting to makeup to skincare. Yay!!!

I bought a black skinny jeggings perfect for daily work outfits. I love the fit of this one because it hugs my legs :). This is for 339pesos only.

I also bought this top which goes very well with the pants. This is cream colored and a peeplum. This one is for 219pesos only.

Another top which goes well too with the black pants :) very vivid, flowy and girly. This one is 259pesos.

I also bought a pair of new sandals for work because this what I am lacking of. I love this pair so much and this is for only 459pesos :)

For the makeup items i bought this Suesh concealer in C210 which i will review very very soon :) 

New nail polish and lipstick from Bench Paintbox. Nail polish is in Coral Bliss and the lipstink is in Dainty Pink also up for reviews :)

And the amazing surprise of the day is these Nivearoduct which I got for 50% OFF. :) happening now from May 9-18, 2014 at Landmark Trinoma beauty section is a 50% off on all Nivea products. Just go near where the makeup brushes are and you will see a lot of people looking and buying stuff from Nivew. I will surely be back for more because I went there during the closing time so the above picture are all I got.

I will blog about this separately to introduce each of the product :)

Be sure to visit Landmark Trinoma for these awesome Nivea grabs.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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