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UPDATE!!! Balik Alindog Program

For 2015, I decided to become physically fit. I was inspired by my eldest sister who goes to the gym, enrol to a boxing program and attend running marathons. I also felt like I wanted “exercise” to be part of my system just like a habit or a routine.

Come the birth of My Balik Alindog Program.

I saw apps in the Apple App Store that answers my goal for “sexiness”. All apps that I found are free and they are also available in the Android App Store. You can click the link o know more about this program that I am currently doing in the hope that my “alindog” will be back.

Adjustment Period 

Introducing a new habit will require an adjustment. Well, that’s my case. When I published the post online I have my full confidence that I can easily implement the workout routine in my life. I can wake up in the morning and spend another couple of minutes after work. But I was wrong. For one whole week I didn’t comply with the program for various reasons.

1. It’s hard to wake up earlier.

My usual wake up at the moment is 5:30am. And that wake up time is just enough for me to prepare going to work without hurrying. Since I commit to the “Balik Alindog” program I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier and I didn’t foresee that I will have more problem waking up earlier than usual.

2. There are exercises that are too fatiguing.

I had a hard time on some exercise in the program. At times I won’t even finish the whole routine and just snooze off. This includes push up, curl ups and jumping rope. The whole ab workout in the evening is enough to make me go to sleep. But I also have some favorite workout routines that I look forward to the moment I wake up. I love the whole stretching routine especially in the morning!

3. I have days when I have too many things to do or too lazy to exercise.

Of course the most significant problem that I encountered in my whole Balik Alindog Program is my laziness. I feel very lazy to lift myself out of the bed and start working out. In the evening I also find it hard because there are times when I will go home and all I want to do is to sleep.

Things I Need to Change

My Attitude.

I need to be bolder when it comes to my commitment in the program. I have to look at it in a bigger picture. I have to stay inspired by the positive result of this program and how this will grow as a habit that I’ll be thankful for 10 years from now.

If you are looking for a beginner fitness program that you can easily do on your own then make sure to visit My Balik Alindog Program. Let me know in the comment section how your experience will be. Also if you have suggestion on how to be better in the question of physical fitness, let me know!

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