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IzzaGlino's Best of 2014 Lip Products

The first part of our Best of 2014 series has been for  the eye products and I am very happy with the reception from you guys. I guess its very common for us to be very excited for information about new products out in the market.

I am not a lippie person but for 2014 I believe I have accumulated a humble number of lip products that I love.

From Ever Bilena Lip Liner

1. Revlon Lipgloss. I bought two shades of Revlon Lipgloss in Fire and Burgundy and both lipglosses are just a wow product for me. I love to use the lipgloss on top of a lipliner of the same color. They are pricey but the quality is very nice.

2. Essence Lipliner in Honey Bun. This is a very affordable lip liner and gives such a wonderful neutral to nude lip color. I love pairing this with my Essence Lipstick of almost the same color.

3. Touch Me in Cashmere is my all time favorite lipstick for 2014!Its just so pretty! The color is nude arrange and brings out more of a morena vibe. I consider this lipstick as my holy grail and something that gave me a eureka moment.

Himalaya Lip Balm

4. ELF Lipstick in Lady Fair. AFter about a week that I discovered the Touch Me Cashmere lipstick, I then found out about the Lady Fair shade on ELF lipstain line and I knew this is the best combination for my favorite lipstick. It's nice that this lip stain make my lipstick stay longer.

5. Ever Bilena Lip Liners. If you are in a hunt for 100pesos and below lip liners then this Ever Bilena lip liners is the babies for you! I love the pigmentation of this product and that its less than 100pesos! I am also glad that I am able to prioritize local products.

Maybelline Plum Perfect

6.Himalaya Lip Balm. I got this recently and I love it oh so much. This lipbalm reminds me of Carmex only this is a much affordable version! This moisturize your lips in an instant! I love the packaging, I love the price and I just love everything about this lip balm!

7. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in Plum Perfect. The color of this lipstick can be a bit intimidating at first but once you have used it for sometime you will see that its such a great lip color! The price of this one is only 168 pesos and the quality is good and long lasting!    

My lipstick collection is still very few but hopefully 2015 will bring me more! :) I want to consider other shades too such as pink because I never felt like pink suits me well. Thank you for reading my blog post!

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