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Let’s Talk About Lotion!

Investing in a good lotion is a must have especially for those who are eyeing for a smooth and well-moisturized skin. I started using lotion at a young age with the big bottled family lotion at home. And as of today I believe I have almost a dozen of different brands that I'd like to share to you about. I just hope that I can remember them correctly.

Some Facts First
  1. Lotions are applied on the external part of the skin with bare hands or other tool such as clean clothe.
  2. Though some lotions may have medicinal benefits, most hand and body lotions nowadays are just formulated to hydrate, smoothen and renew the skin.
  3. There are some brands that came out with SPF infused lotions to protect from the harmful rays of sun.
  4. A wide variety of other ingredients such as fragrances, glycerol, petroleum jelly, dyes, preservatives, proteins and stabilizing agents are commonly added to lotions.
Leading Brands When It Comes Lotion
  • Nivea
  • Aveeno
  • Gold Bond
  • Neutrogena
  • Vaseline
  • Jergens
  • Olay
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Dove
  • Cetaphil
  • Bath and Body Works
My Lotion Story
For this post I'll tour you on a memory lane on some of the my most unforgettable lotions ever. Take note though that most of my lotions are whitening as per my preference though I still have others that soothing, smoothing, moisturizing or protective ingredients.

Myra Vitawhite Lotion.
This local lotion has been my very first try of using a whitening product for my body. It is cheap and has vitamin E for a younger looking and well-moisturized skin. What I only hate about this is the fact if I use it when tirik ang araw, it gets sticky.

Zizmore Lotion.
Back in the days I will search in CandyMag or Cosmo forum whenever I have a beauty dilemma. I read in one forum before about Zizmore Lotion and I immediately bought one through an online retailer. It was a huge bottle for 250pesos I believe. I didn't repurchase after emptying one bottle as I did notice any huge difference.

NG Whitening Lotion Black.
I swear this lotion is the very first lotion that works for me. I was actually very loyal with this lotion for a year and it made a great difference on my skin. It lightens well and I love that the finish of this one which is non sticky. When you put your skin in the light... You skin literally glows as little shimmers (think Twilight) will show making you look extra flawless. I am just sad that this is already discontinued. :(

St. Ives Lotion.
Its super sulit for the size of the product plus they offer different variants. I have used the Vitamin E and the Shea Butter infused and both lotions are effective for me.

Nivea Whitening Lotion Original.
This made me fall in love with Nivea as a skincare brand. The original whitening lotion from Nivea promises moisture which I believe is very important to achieve a healthy glow rather than the dry and unnatural looking white skin. This is a good everyday lotion and does not feel sticky at all. It is easily absorbed by the skin and  leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky. If you want to try Nivea Products go the nearest beauty store to you and avail their 50% OFF Program. You can buy their items half the price until supplies last.

Bench Body Intensive Whitening Lotion Suprawhite.

I saw this in Watson's and was enticed to try out.  It has nanobright technology that promises to whiten within 7 days. It also have SPF 10 to protect the skin from the sun. I tried out Bench product before namely the Skin Perfect Whitening Kit so I thought that this lotion would be something I'll enjoy too. I have yet to create a review about this product but I did finish the 200ml faster than I expected. It's so easy to apply and does not grease at all.

Skinwhite Advanced Whitening Lotion.

This is my current lotion and I actually love it! It gives instant whiter skin and I love the matte finish. Its like you are putting a foundation in your body!!! This has higher SPF 20 and within my frugal budget so I really like it.

I love putting lotion on my body as it makes my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Hope you love this post.

What lotion are you using at the moment?

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