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How To: Foundations for Pinays

I'm happy to be back with another Pinay's Guide post. It is one of the series up on IzzaGlino that I sincerely enjoy creating. Makeup is an art. It takes more than mere knowledge to perfect the art of putting makeup specially foundation. Today I will be giving you a guide on foundations from the how it works, its different types and how to use it like a pro. I hope you'll enjoy this post and share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

How Foundation Works?

Foundations create a perfect base for your face. It works mainly to cover up blemishes, even out skin tone and create a base for other makeup. It  may conceal imperfection like acne scars or dark spots depending on the formulation and how thick the coverage could be. Most foundation comes in either liquid or powder form but nowadays there are so called airbrush foundation as well as BB Creams, CC Creams, DD Creams etc. 

Different Types of Foundation

Foundations can be categorized based on coverage and formula. Below are their differences.


An example of foundation with light coverage. This is perfect to use on everyday

Light Coverage. If you have very good skin then you might need to opt for a light coverage foundation. Products like tinted moisturizer and CC cream works to give color and even out skin your skin tone but not to cover blemishes. These foundations also work well in natural looking makeup or day time everyday look.

Medium Coverage. If you have normal skin and casual blemishes then a traditional liquid or powder foundation will do. Foundations that offer medium coverage can be used to cover up pigmentation, redness on the face and other unwanted spots. BB Creams are part of the light-medium coverage face products. Since its only medium coverage you won't have to worry looking cakey and feeling heavy over time.  READ: My iWhite BB Holic BB Cream Review

Full Coverage. This type of foundation gives heavy coverage and is used for people who have a lot to conceal or really want to even out their complexion. Most full coverage foundations are in cream form and must be blended well to give still a natural-looking face. Though full coverage foundation won't work the same as concealers you can trust for sure that they will give you a flawless finish.

One of my all-time fave BB Cream from iWhite.


Liquid Foundation. Liquid Foundation is the most popular type of foundation. It's suited for both normal or dry skin and may work on oily face as long as it says so in the label. Price range for liquid foundations are pretty good for beginners and comes in different volume as well that can last you to months.

Sample Liquid Foundations available locally: Ever Bilena Liquid Foundation, Careline Liquid Makeup and Local BB Creams like ShawillPaintbox by Bench etc. 

Powder Foundation. Powder Foundation comes in compact packaging often used to mattify your face from using liquid foundation. They offer no coverage at all actually not unless you are using a two-way cake foundation. 

Sample Powder Foundations available locally: SanSan HD Powder Foundation

Swatch of SanSan HD Foundation

Cream Foundations. 
Cream Foundation provides heavy coverage and has tendency to be cake by the way. A good base like primer will be needed. This is also not something you can use on a daily basis unlike liquid foundations or tinted moisturizers. 

Sample Cream Foundations available locally: Jazzy Cream Foundation and Naturactor.

Mineral Foundation. This type of foundations are priced higher than normal foundations since they work well for people who have sensitive skin. They also offer very flawless finish that people may not notice you are wearing any foundation at all.  

Tinted Moisturizers. Tinted Moisturizers became much popular nowadays because they are so much easier and better to use on a daily basis. It also acts in a two way process giving moisture in your face and light coverage. 

Sample Tinted Moisturizers available locally: ELF Tinted Moisturizer, Myra E Tinted Moisturizer and Celeteque Tinted Mosturizer.

Cake/Stick Foundation. This type of foundations comes thick and may not be suitable for every day use. They are made very compact great for people on the go. What's nice about stick foundation is you can easily apply it to highlight the high parts of your face just like how concealer works. 

Sample Tinted Moisturizers available locally: Glamworks BB Stick

BB Creams/CC Creams/DD Creams etc. This type of foundations are too many to mention honestly. These type of foundation offer everything marketed as all-in-one skincare and foundation makeup. Asian countries like South Korea and Japan polularized BB, CC and DD Creams that give a lot of amazing benefits on the skin plus coverage that doesn't make you look cakey at all. 

Two-Way Foundation. This foundations can be used either wet or dry. If you want more coverage use a wet sponge to apply the product evenly on your face. The powder form on the other hand can be used to mattify the face.

Sample Two-Way Cake Foundations available locally: Bobbie Duo Powder Foundation

Beginners Guide in Choosing the Right Foundation

Now the hardest part I believe is choosing which foundation to buy and to wear. There much to be considered from your skin type, price, purpose etc.

  • First know your undertone. Its pretty easy to know your skin undertone. Asian mostly have yellow skin tone so they match perfectly on more of yellow foundation. Those with whiter skin comes on pink undertone instead.
  • If you want to know the right shade that match your skin tone then try applying the foundation first in your chin or wrist area. If the foundation became invisible then it means you have found your match. 
  • Your skin type must also be considered when selecting a foundation. If your skin is oily its better to use oil-free liquid foundation since it absorbs oil and leave you a matte finish.
  • If your skin is acne-prone its best to stay away on heavy coverage foundations. Use a light coverage foundation like tinted moisturizer by day and make sure to have a perfect skin care routine to treat your breakouts instead of opting to mask them. 
  • Normal skin type can rest in a powder foundation for a simple makeup look. A powder brush will well too in applying it. 

Tools in Applying Foundation

There are different ways you can apply a foundation. In this part I will introduce you to the different tools you can use in applying foundation. 

IMAGE SOURCE: divincidaily

1. Fingers

The warmth of your fingers will easily melt the foundation giving your flawless coverage. This work only if you are using liquid makeup by the way. With fingers you can build up the intensity of the foundation to your own liking.

2. Foundation Brush

This are flat-shaped brush used to apply liquid or cream foundation evenly. This is actually a very good tool to use but may give you streaks and may be hard to build it up for heavier coverage.

3. Buffing Brush

Another application tool is a buffing brush mostly made on synthetic hair. You can use the buffing to apply the foundation in circular or dabbing motion. 

4. Sponge and/or Beauty Blender

The best tool to use in almost every foundation type. Use it damp for your cream and two-way cake foundation for a flawless and smooth finish. Use it dry for powder foundation and you'll still get a nice even foundation on your face. A sponge most especially a beauty blender is everything you need to apply foundation like a pro. 

Step by Step Guide in Applying Foundation

1.    Make sure that you have are starting with a clean face. Remove any excess makeup with your favorite makeup remover or wet tissue
2.    Apply moisturizer to seal moisture on your face and prepare it for the foundation. 
3.   Prime the skin. I have have created a detailed post on the importance of primer in a flawless foundation routine. Primers create a barrier between the face and the foundation so it won't clog your pores. READ: Pinay's Guide on Primers.
4.  Apply the foundation using your tool of choice. It's best to start with thin layer first and slowly build the coverage along the face. 
5.   Blend the foundation gently using patting motion until everything looks flawless.
6.   Add some layer on areas that you want add coverage. 
7.   Set with mattifying powder for the makeup to last.

Notes About Foundation

Shelf-life of liquid foundation is between 6-12 months. You'll know that you can already ditch a foundation once it already separated and water is forming. Also try to put your foundations away from direct sun light as it might make your makeup expire earlier than usual. A good makeup organization and storage is all you need.

Watch Videos Below for some Step by Step Foundation Routines

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