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A Weekend at Viera Residences Quezon City

Last February 16, I spent the long weekend at my Ate’s condo in Viera Residences Quezon City. It was indeed a weekend well-spent and I can’t wait to share the experience with you.

Something I’ll definitely tell you in this month’s recap is my eldest sister’s decision to move out. She is now renting a condo unit in Viera Residences, a 27-storey residential building care of DMCI located at #6 Scout Tuason Ave., Brgy. Obrero, Quezon City.
I still remember last year when my brother and his family moved out to Cavite. It was a bitter-sweet moment for everyone. Now, it’s my eldest sister’s turn.

5 Things to Do at Viera Residences, Quezon City

We spent 2Nights and 2Days at my sister’s pad, making the most of the long weekend since Chinese New Year fell on a Friday.
This is my first time to experience a so-called staycation and I think I’m obsessed. I pray one day I could also be in a condo unit either to live for good or as an investment property.
Anyway, here are the things we did at Viera Residences, Quezon City. PS. I went with my two other sisters.

1. Movie Night + Face Masks + Coffee

Our first night was spent pampering ourselves over face masks, coffee and a movie or two.
We were like any other girlfriends spreading mask to one another in the mirror. My eldest sister did a good job buying her furniture.  You will appreciate her taste when it comes to the key pieces she availed.
Our mask of choice during the night was Lush Mask of Magnaminty, which I will review soon on this blog.

2. Breakfast Overload

Our first morning at the condo is not complete without preparing a Power breakfast overload!
I and my eldest sister went to the local market to buy the ingredients while my other two sisters arrange everything at the condo.
And because I’m really into cooking nowadays (naks!) I volunteered to prepare all the meals excluding the brown rice.
What our Power breakfast overload includes?
  • Brown rice (Fried rice if you can!)
  • Bacon
  • Fried Egg
  • Bowl of Tomato and Onion Salsa
  • Fried Daing na Pusit
  • Hotdog
  • Coffee and Orange Juice

It was one of the best breakfast I had in years!

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3. Swimming

Of course a big part of every staycation is the swimming time! Viera Residences, Quezon City has not just one but three pools to choose from. It has a resort-type vibe although it is only open for residents and NOT for public.
The pool has one of the most clear blue water I’ve ever seen. It was meant for ultimate relaxation even if you don’t know how to swim, you will surely enjoy the amenity.

What’s good, too is that we had the pool almost by ourselves!

During the afternoon my parents also went and visited my eldest sister. We had our lunch at one of the gazebo which made the day extra memorable.

4. Watch the city view

At the balcony of my sister’s unit at Vierra Residences, Quezon City there is a great view of the city. What’s nice was we were able to witness free fireworks during the Chinese New Year celebration.

The view is even better at the rooftop because everything down looks so small. It mirrors so much of Tokyo city view!

5. Timog walk tour

During our second night we went on a  walk tour at Timog. We were looking for a good place to spend dinner and we found almost all restaurants at Timog great. During my previous visit we dined at Behrouz Persian Cuisine which is very nice. If you love kebab you’ll probably like this place.

We plan to have dinner at Ate’s condo since there were a lot of leftover food from the lunch earlier so we went to Tokyo Bubble Tea instead. Nothing extraordinary about their milk teas though. I still prefer Gong Cha or Serenitea.


Definitely a great way to start the summer season! I seriously had fun bonding with my sisters. Here’s to more staycations!

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