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What To Do Whenever You Feel Ugly

What To Do Whenever You Feel Ugly

We all have those ugly days. We wake up one morning and all we see in the mirror is the ugly version of us.

A new zit ready to pop at the very spot we don’t want. Our hair is a mess and won’t cooperate at all. Our skin looks dry and flaky. And not to mention the worst puffy, dark circles one could ever have.

I guess it is safe to safe that literally every single person had had those ugly days.

So what can we do about it?

Rather than giving you wise words, which is a given by the way. I have few recommended activities to reverse the ugly situation. No worries, each activity takes 15 minutes or less with products  you probably already have in your vanity.



Drink a lot of water

Studies reveal that dehydration leads to higher cortisol, one of those stress hormone, that make you feel more stressed than usual. So drinking a lot of water will keep your stress levels down.

Aside from preventing the so called stress hormone, water reduces toxins and bad impurities in your body. And, if you are not getting that sufficient amount of water it will certainly show. Your skin will turn dry, tight, flaky and prone to wrinkles.

So when you are drinking a lot of water, you are most certainly flushing the bad feelings away.

Have extra time? Cut some lemons or any citrus fruits and put it in your water. The extra flavor will help you drink more water than usual.

Have a good scrub

Scrubs are the easiest pick on bad days because they will most certainly reveal a more smooth and soft looking skin.

There are a number of reasons why scrub works during awful mornings. Exfoliation makes your skin glow. It promotes faster cell turnover to reveal newer and healthier skin. It minimizes pores and helps giving you a brighter complexion.

Don’t be afraid to exfoliate and make it part of your perfect skincare routine.

How to best exfoliate your face?

First make sure that you only exfoliate 2-3 times a week. This is the recommended frequency to ensure your face still remains well-hydrated. Also you want to start with clean face. Either you double cleanse or use your favourite facial wash before scrubbing the dirt and old dead skin off your face!


Use a clay mask

There’s nothing more perfect than a good clay mask after exfoliating your face!

Clay masks are widely known to help draw impurities when applied. Although it is a lot messier and requires washing the face afterwards it is still good and highly recommended for those who want smaller and tighter pores. It  makes skin more supple and refreshed without drying it.

Not only that. Most clay masks have this cold and minty effect on the face that will certainly lift your spirit.

Put that mask and wait for it to dry while reading a good book or sipping a hot cup of coffee.

For days when you feel really lazy, sheet masks are the next best option. Take advantage of the buy 1, take 1 or discount most sheet masks have and store as many in your vanity! Masks come from different variants too so better have one ready for your need.

Here are some faves:

Tomato - good antioxidant, will make your face look brighter overnight!
Orange - very refreshing on the face, will make your face radiant!
Avocado - helps heal redness in skin, will make your face bloom!

Oily skin? Check out these must try masks in the Philippines for yourself.

Go for a natural look

Barely-there makeup is actually a good choice for ugly days.

Instead of concealing your feelings with makeup and stressing yourself with perfecting a winged eyeliner or blending that smokey eye, try to do a more natural look.  The trendy no makeup makeup look will be your best friend here.

How to nail natural look?

Start with a good skin. You have to invest on skincare products that work for you and the skin you're in.

Going makeup-free is liberating, which is a new definition of beauty. To be beautiful is to have that freedom to just be you and not mind what others are saying.

Instead, beauty is focusing on that smile and beautiful gaze of yours.


Treat yourself to the latest beauty product

There’s something about shopping that makes a woman instantly happy. There is nothing wrong in letting a new makeup or skincare product give you that much needed boost as long as you don’t go overboard with your budget.

You can always find a new product to try on beauty specialty stores plus there are “try me” products that you can test all you want! Talk to a beauty consultant in the makeup brand you adore and politely ask for a makeover.

There are those that will clean up and shape your brows, curl your hair and even do your look for free.

Pampering yourself in the salon is another alternative. Get that manicure and pedicureyou’ve always wanted and walk out if the room feeling like a queen.

Sleeping Mask

I have no idea what sleeping masks are for but if it means waking up to a beautiful, radiant and refreshed skin every day then they are most probably worth every penny!

Stress or that ugly feeling can make sleeping more difficult than usual so have yourself some sleeping mask ready at all times.

The most famous to hit the Philippine market is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, intended as an overnight leave-on mask you can use daily.

A good budget-friendly alternative is Aloe Vera Gel. You can splatter a tablespoon or two all over your face, sleep on it and wake up fresh and fabulous the next day!

Do you also experience those ugly days? 
Any from the list above you’d done? What do you do whenever you feel ugly?

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