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What I Got For Christmas 2019

First of all, Merry Christmas!!!

I hope you were able to celebrate Christmas with joy and peace. I celebrated Christmas Eve at my brother’s home in Cavite. 

As I mentioned before, we don’t usually go all out for Christmas when it comes to preparation or food. Instead, we reserve the best for the New Year. We didn’t do any gift giving unlike the past years. We just had a low key dinner and went to bed. 

The Christmas season is also a time of giving which make this post extra exciting. Today I will be sharing what I got for Christmas 2019. 

Let’s begin.

Chocolate Crinkles

This chocolate crinkles is honestly so good. It is soft, chewy and moist and you can literally taste the chocolate filling. I really enjoyed this gift and was able to pair it on a cup of coffee. 


A simple but functional gift I received from one of my colleagues, is this handy notepad. I love the quote in it's cover, “Never stop doing your best.” I think the quote resonates with me a lot especially now that a new year is about to come. It’s all about doing and giving your best. Not minding whether others appreciate what you do or what benefits you can gain from it. Honestly had so much realizations upon seeing the cover.

Chilli Garlic Oil

Those who know me best will agree how much I love chilli garlic oil. Imagine the happiness I felt receiving this from one of the suppliers we worked with. So happy to have another chilli garlic oil to finish. Haha.

Powder Linen Sprays

I received two linen sprays from two different colleagues which I am so excited to use. These will come in helpful since I plan to change my bed sheets for 2020. I tried to spray both and they smell delightful. 

Red Wine

An unexpected gift for Christmas since I am don’t even drink alcohol. One of the bosses in the office gave this red wine which I brought home for my Papa. 

Bath and Body Works Hand Gel

Something I’m so happy to receive were these two Bath and Body Works PocketBac Hand Gels. The scents I got were Sweet Pea and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Both smells lovely and I love how I can just put them in my bag, no matter how small it may be.


I also got a shirt from one of the bosses in the office that says Girl Power. The quality of the fabric is great and the color coral is something I still haven’t had. Will surely use this for quick stroll in the mall or other casual occasion.


Another amazing gift I received is this scarf which looks and feels fancy. The color I got is good and something I will be happy to bring in the beach. 

2020 Planner

For our company Christmas Party, I received this 2020 Planner. What I actually first received is a Php 300 Gift Check but since I really wanted to get an item, I swapped my GCs to anyone who would take it. Gladly, one of our messengers in the office agreed since he won’t use the planner anyway. Yay! This will surely be of use. 

Victory Group Christmas Party Gifts

Lastly on this what I got for Christmas 2019 haul are the gifts I received from my Victory Group babies. We celebrated the Christmas last December 27 at Samgyupsalamat Vito Cruz. 

I’m extremely grateful to have met these beautiful ladies (inside and out) who changed my life forever. I can’t thank them enough for sticking with me even through the years. As we mature in ministry, I can just see them leading their own groups as well for the glory of God. Ultimately, I can only wish for their relationship with God to flourish this new year.

Here are the gifts I received:

Glass Tea Pot with Strainer
Victoria's Journals Notebook
Friendship Bracelet

Overall, I’m thankful for all the gifts I received this year. The thoughtfulness and generosity of the people whom I’ve spent the last 365 days of 2019 with. I am truly blessed.

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