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Quick Makeup Of The Day (Brown Smokey Eyes)

Brown Smokey eyes is a go to makeup look if you are aiming for a casual wearable but still sultry and sexy one. Brown neutralizes every look and creates drama as usual and to be honest most of what i wear on my eyes on an everyday basis are brown palette.

For this look i opted to do my eyes first before layering into concealer, foundation and powder. I've seen this being done by other Youtube gurus so i felt like why not do it myself this time. I actually like how it looks because i get to clean out everything and brighten my under eye area more.

Sorry also but i forgot to put in my eyeliner routine in the video.

Olay All Day Moisturizer
Ever Bilena Eyebrow pencil
Brown, Choco Brown, Dark Brown and Cream eyeshadows from my unbranded makeup palette
Garnier BB Roll On
Shawill BB Cream
Palladio Mascara
Lipsticks from my unbranded makeup palette

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