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SM Haul!!! (swimsuit, dresses, jeans etc. on Sale)

As much as i love anything Ukay-ukay, i also like any other ladies, want shopping in malls. But i do shop when its SALE as to save money and i do feel that i get more to what i am paying. I don't know if you agree with me but sometimes when you buy something with a high price you kind of feel really bad inside and you forget that that thing makes you happy too.

Anyways, i went to SM Bacoor because it is the closest mall in Bacoor, Cavite where i hosted a wedding. I was surprised that there is an on going sale and immediately bought things that i have been craving for the past weeks to have. Most of what i bought are on SALE!!! so yeah i am a happy lady that day.

You can watch the video here.

First that i picked up is a wedge. I have been eyeing this for a long time. I visit the department store and i will always see it and tell myself i will buy it.
This wedge is a 5-inches one and i do really love the color and how comfortable it is to wear.

These two dresses are from Crissa Jeans and i bought them for 300pesos each. They are for 50% off.

This jeans i bought from No Apologies and they are from 899pesos down to 550pesos ONLY!!! This is truly a steal because i never actually own a good pair of jeans before.

I also saw these tees in one of the section of the department store and they offer it on sale for 150pesos each. I bought two because i can't miss the chance. Please watch here so you can see how they look.

The belt is for 100pesos only which is also on sale. It goeas well with the dresses and the pants i bought so i am very very much happy.

This swimsuit is from Coco CabaƱa and is also on a 50% sale. I bought it for 350pesos only. I love the color and the fit of this one. I love its detail and that it has knots i can just tie around the neck.

That's it for my haul. I do hope you can watch the video here. Thanks for reading.


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