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Current Product Empties (Maybelline, I-White, Etude House, etc,)

It has been a long time since I last shared to you My Product Empties. As always I feel very proud having emptied a skin care product or a makeup item. It means I was able to stash a quality product that I definitely love.

I try to buy new items once I emptied one. I don't like buying and buying when I still have a lot unless I really find the item worth the try. I hope you will enjoy my Product Empties.

1. Maybelline Powder Foundation.  

This is a classic product that everybody should own. It is affordable, it works in mattifying the face and it lasts long. I love how the shade I got match perfectly my semi-morena skin. It is yellow tone making me extra flawless and doesn't cake at all. Definitely a must buy.

2. I-White Aqua Moisturizer. 

Though I find this super pricey for its size (179pesos for 50ml product) I still give this product a thumbs up. It helps in making my skin stay hydrated over a long period of time. I also love how this gives a cooling effect on the skin. 

3. Maybelline Magnum Mascara. 

This mascara is love. I had so much fun using this product to make my lashes longer. I love the yellow packaging and how the wand makes a big difference in extending my lashes. You can read my full review HERE.

4. Skinwhite Lotion. 

I tried to use this product because I wanted to see whether the instant white effect is true. I end up loving the product even more. It gives a mattified glow in the skin plus acts like a nice body foundation making my look a few shades whiter in an instant. I emptied this during my Tagaytay Trip. It was a worthy product.

5. Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm. 

I have shared how happy I am for this lip product. It softens my easy-to-dry lips plus act as a primer making my lipstick stay way longer than usual. You can read a full review HERE.

6. Vaseline Sunscreen Lotion. 

This bad boy is awesome to use in every day basis. I love that it can protect my skin under the sun plus it doesn't leave a sticky or greasy feeling. Review HERE.

7. Etude House Draw My Lash Pencil

This is so good if you are looking for a product to tame your brows. I love how easy it is and how natural looking my brows will be. It feels like I don't need to put too much effort. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you also for making IzzaGlino become higher in Topblog's Fashion and Beauty blogs. Hope you will continue to support this blog.
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