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My Tagaytay 2D, 1N Travel Diary (Warning: Photo Overload!!!)

I believe I publicly announced in a SavingsPinay blog post about my Tagayatay weekend trip with my bestfriend Nica. It was a surreal first experience. I actually became obsessed on doing this sort of 2 days and 1 night trip. I might end up becoming broke. LOL.

As planned I'll be posting my travel diary here in IzzaGlino while anything that involves money and travel budget will be in SavingsPinay. I hope you can support both blogs of mine. Just a quick announcement too. I launched a new blog last Monday!!! I welcome you to PinayOnineRakitera. This blog is still new but I am very hopeful that it could offer value to people who want to earn online. Click HERE.

This is my first time to create a travel blog post so please bear with me. I hope you will enjoy the pictures and you will not be bored joining in my journey. To my BFF Nica, thank you for joining me in this first weekend getaway. I pray this will be start of the many more adventures we will have in our friendship.

DAY 0 | Preparation, What's in my Travel Makeup Bag and Overnight at Bestfriend's House

Since this is my first time to have a weekend getaway away from my family I decided to prepare earlier. I borrowed a backpack from my sister-in-law and packed the right number of clothes. I will stay with Nica's house Friday night so that we can start our Tagaytay trip on time.

My Travel Makeup Bag includes Ever Bilena Eyebrow Pencil, SanSan HD Duo Powder Foundation, Etude House Oh My Lash Mascara, Nivea Lip Balm, ELF Duo Blush and Contour Palette, Paintbox by bench BB Cream, Avon Long Lasting Lipstick and brushes.

An essential for me will be my Ipad Mini for music and videos, headset for listening, my phone, a book and my journal/planner.
Here's a pic when I slept over my BFF's crib. I still have to work for some content so I have my laptop on. Too bad I wsn't able to write because I was too sleepy.

DAY 1 | How to go to Tagaytay, Skyranch and Mahogany Bulalo

8:00am: How to go to Tagaytay from Makati. We rode a jeepney going to LRT Buendia. We rode a DLTB Bus going to Nasugbu. Our plan is to go first to Skyranch since the check-in time for D-Zone Backpackers Inn is 2pm.

10:00am: We arrived at Skyranch. Me and Nica are not so into rides and all but we did enjoy shopping in a souvenir shop. We bought the same Tagaytay shirt and also bought some more t-shirts for our family. We also can't help but ride a carousel. It was so hot when we went to Skyranch talagang tirik ang araw but it was a fun destination if you are traveling with kids.

12:15am: A must have in our itinerary is visiting Mahogany Super Market also where a whole floor of Bulalo eateries can be found. We dine in Mommy Tess and I just want to commend their Bulalo. They offer unli banana (which were very sweet) and unli sabaw (which is so malasa). We were super satisfied with our bulalo. Mommy Tess also have fried tawilis, baby crabs and other side dishes but we just ordered bulalo.

1:00pm: We finally checked in at D-Zone Backpackers Inn. A quick funny story here. When we were in the bus on our way Nica said how cute to stay in the inn we just saw. I also agreed because the inn that we saw looks neat and really appealing. It turns out it was the inn where we will stay. The same inn we booked through Ensogo. Anyhow, we were sad because the picture in the ad is a little less of the actual room. It looks so big and spacious in the photo but in real life it is just a perfect inn if you want to sleep. The restroom is also outside though you will have your own restroom key. We slept for a few hours because we were really sleepy from the Bulalo meal of Mommy Tess and the biyahe.

4:00pm: We went in Bag of Beans Olivares. This is such a nice and luxurious restaurant to dine in. We were fortunate to have a table outside for a nice view. We ordered a Pizza Quattro Cheese and two Iced Caramel Macchiatto. The plan is to go to People's Park and Picnic Grove next but we weren't able to do so because we overlooked the time and spent two hours talking about different things.

6:00pm: We went in Ayala Serin which is a new mall from the Ayala's. We shopped in Daiso and ended up buying pretty a lot of items. We also spend time in Cold Stone and it was so nice because we did enjoy our stay. The staff in Cold Stone Ayala Serin were all awesome!!! They danced for the customers and I have a few videos below to show you. I've never been to a Cold Stone store before even at Mall of Asia but now I want to visit one because the ice cream are great and the crew are just the most accommodating and fun crew ever.


9:00pm: Back to D-Zone Backpackers Inn to end Day 1.

DAY 2 | People's Park, Mushroom Burger, Starbucks Tagaytay

9am: People's Park is something that me and Nica are excited to visit. It is more than just a landmark when you say Tagaytay. Parang karugtong na nga ng pangalan eh. We went around 9am which is a time I won't recommend because it is too hot!!! The best time is to go early morning 7am or afternoon. We had fun taking photos. I ended up having a henna for a nice souvenir. I love it. I consider the henna as the highlight of my Tagaytay trip.

12:30pm: We went back to D-Zone Backpackers Inn because we need to check out.

1:30pm: We bought pasalubongs at Colettes. If ever you want take home treats go to Colettes Buho branch... It is just a walk away from Buho Shell Gas Station. The "Ate" gave us discount unlike the other Colette's branch that offer fixed price. Their buko pie is one-of-a-kind.
2:30pm: Mushroom Burger is a must visit too. It is like a local Jolibee or Mcdo. They offer super affordable meals. The burger patties are made of mushroom and most of the food are mushroom based. Nica ordered Mushroom Melt for 149pesos (with fries and drinks) while I ordered Royal Burger for 130pesos (with mushroom fries and drinks) and Pancit Canton for 99pesos (which by the way is the most delicious pancit ever!!!) and Mushroom soup for 12pesos only.

3:30pm We tried to go to Pink Sisters but we backed out since it is too far and we have all our luggage with us so we didn't push through.

4:00pm We went to Starbucks Tagaytay, the one that is overlooking and has a great location. The place is filled with people and we have to wait for almost an hour just to find a seat and have our order. It also rained pretty hard so we got off at Starbucks by 5:30pm. We tried to talk more about things and had a chance to take some more pictures.

6:00pm We rode a bus to Ayala Ave.

Tagaytay is a worthy place to go on a quick weekend getaway. I am happy that we got to go to different places with our short two days and one night trip. I definitely had a post-Tagaytay trip blues and I wish to come back but maybe this time with my family.

PS: I will be posting on SavingsPinay how much I spent plus a better itinerary if ever I will be coming back to Tagaytay.

Thank you for reading!

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