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Goodbye September, Hello October

It's time to recap what happened for the month of September with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month. September is a good month in terms of my blog and business but nothing much happened on personal level. Ber has already begun and thinking about the coming new year brings a little sadness with a mix of excitement in me. Hope you enjoy this month's recap.

We've hit 100,000 pageviews

Let me start this month's recap by giving thanks to everyone who read IzzaGlino. Thank you soooo much for your support. Before September ended we surpassed the goal of 100,000 pageviews before 2016 ends. Your pageviews matter a lot to me and you've kept this blog alive for four years and counting so again big thanks and hope you'll continue supporting IzzaGlino.

Mani and Pedi Experience at Let's Face It Trinoma

I finally pampered myself with a manicure and pedicure on a branded salon. It was my first time to have that kind of service and I just can't forget how amazing it feels to have some much deserved "me-time". If you want to know how my whole session went read my post My Let's Face It Mani-Pedi Experience.

Blog Updates and an Announcement

I introduced a new series here on IzzaGlino and it will be called SINGLENESS. I felt like it's time to take get more personal with this blog and probably share things about me that we may have in common. I already decided on my first post and if everything went well and I don't procrastinate it will be up this Sunday. Also I'd like to announce a big leap on SavingsPinay which is now on its own domain name. You can visit for personal finance post you ought to know.

Event Hosting

I had not just one but three events hosted this month and I couldn't be any happier. God is good. I just feel good whenever I host a special occasion. I feel like another person as soon as I held the microphone. Looking forward for more hosting opportunities now that the -ber months has already started.

Coffee Monday Barkada Session

We had another Coffee Monday Barkada session before September ended and it was at S&R Ayala. The branch newly opened and we couldn't be any happier dining in with our comfort food --- PIZZA!!! Nothing beats S&R New York Style Pizza for its price and quality. Kudos for having a branch in Makati area. Love it!

Stranger Things and How To Get Away with a Murder

These are the TV series I've been obsessed with  lately. I am already done watching both shows and currently waiting for season 2 to begin for Stranger Things and Season 3 for How to Get Away with a Murder. Both TV series kept me wanting for more, made me question my own instinct and gave me a lot to think during the day --- and I'm not complaining. 

Bridget Jones Baby

After my manicure and pedicure service I also watched the movie Bridget Jones Baby and it was awesome. I am a big fan of Bridget Jones book and have read both the original book and Edge of Reason countless times. Whenever I experience some dating dilemma I find myself reading the snippets of life advice in the book for comfort. I had a great time watching the movie and I don't want to be a spoiler since it is still showing and I encourage you to watch if you are a fan like me.

Things I'm Looking Forward in October Affiliate Night

This Friday, October 7, will officially launch its Affiliate Program and I got an exclusive invite to attend the said event. The launch will gather various social media influencers, tech and lifestle bloggers. Check out the posts I will be doing related to soon. For more information about the Affiliate Program, visit

Long Weekend

I super love October because both days fall on earlier dates. Another great thing about October is the super long weekend towards the end of the month which I plan to really take a nice much needed break/rest. I will also try to really go on all the planning and organization in my life.

I hope you are doing well. Tell me something about your September.

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  1. Are you the host of the wedding or the bridesmaid? You are so beautiful with that black bridesmaid dresses