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October Bullet Journal Set Up

I am so honestly thankful that I stumble upon the whole Bullet Journal system. It's been two years since I first saw the video posted originally by the maker himself, Ryder Caroll. Bullet Journal had helped me ultimately to store my goals, tackle my tasks and plan my present and prepare for the future. I can't believe how 

Monthly Calendar

For the month of October I decided to bring back the Gratitude Log. I was browsing on my past bullet journal the day before I did my set up and I realized how much I miss writing daily gratitudes. It's like brought a lot of happy memories plus little moments that made me extra thankful. So to cater on both my appointments/events for October and my daily gratitude I created a new set up. I actually like this set up so much.

October Habit Tracker

For the longest time I am unsuccessful in keeping a habit tracker in my Bullet Journal. I tried a different lay out and even bought printable ones but I still fail. This month I did a simple layout based primarily on BohoBerrys Habit Tracker and I love it. I was able to put the top habits and routines that I want to track. Actually it's one of the layout that I look forward to seeing every time. 

October Goals

I combined my October Goals and Projects in one spread based on @penpapersoul layout. I love this so much because I was able to brain dump my goals for the month and big projects I want to focus.

Last Month's Goals and What Happened To Them:
  1. Out of bed by 5am every morning - FAIL. Most days I choose to snooze rather than wake up on my goal.
  2. Update September Tracker every day - FAIL. Again I had a struggle when it comes to the whole Habit Tracker in the Bullet Journal.
  3. Closet Organization - FAIL. I had side hustle jobs on weekends and I wasn't able to spend time here. My bad.
  4. Shoe Collection Clean-Up - Fail same as above
  5. Read and Finish 4 Books on the 17 Books Before 2017 - Only finished 1 book, The Girl on the Train. Please read the review HERE.
  6. Establish a solid Night Routine - I was able to come up with how I want my morning and evening goes. This is a 50:50 accomplishment since there are days I was able to do the Miracle Morning and Positive Evening while other days I fail. 
  7. Market Event Hosting massively - Though I wasn't able to market massively I am still thankful that I had way more events done in September than the previous month.
  8. Reactivate SavingsPinay Facebook Community - FAIL. 
  9. Get massive monthly tasks for the blog done - Yes!!! I feel like overall I became productive when it comes to other tasks on the blog especially SavingsPinay.
  10. Avoid drama and negativity especially on my relationships to family and friends - Yes!!! I was able to avoid misunderstandings on my relationship with family and friends. It was overall the best month because I can't think of a day that there's a miscommunication/misunderstanding.
For Stats
  1. Reach 170,000 Pageviews on SavingsPinay from 158,410 - YES!!!  174,687
  2. Reach 100,000 Pageviews on IzzaGlino from 93,147 - YES!!! 100,237
  3. Reach 350 Followers on Instagram from 345 - YES!!! 358 
  4. Reach 550 Subscribers on YouTube from 520 - No!!! 523
  5. Reach 50 members on SavingsPinay FB Community from 44. - Almost there!! 46

CLICK HERE to view my September Bullet Journal Set Up

My Realizations

I didn't hit almost all my goals for September but there's no condemnation. I know that I just have to work harder and be better this October. October is all about next actions and I know I always say that I will act accordingly on my goals but I always fail to do so. Anyway, I just have to be extra productive.

Goals for October
  1. Complete my reading list for the month.
  2. Complete tracking my Habits and Routines Daily
  3. Start Closet and Shoe Organization
  4. Create October Budget
    • Track daily expenses
    • Put loose change on Piggy Bank
  5. Open Extra Income Passbook Savings Account. Supporting story here.
  6. Work on SavingsPinay blog revamp every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    • Finish revamp of 100 blogposts 
    • Finish adding all blog labels
    • Finish new blog post headers
  7. Work on IzzaGlino blog revamp every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
    • Finish revamp of 90 blogposts
    • Add About This Blog on Footer
  8. Perfect my bullet journal set up
  9. Focus on Next Actions on my Extra Income Jobs.
For Stats
  1. Reach 190,000 pageviews on SavingsPinay from 174,687
  2. Reach 105,000 pageviews on IzzaGlino from 100,237
  3. Reach 400 followers on Instagram from 358
  4. Reach 550 Subscribers on YouTube from 358
  5. Reach 50 members on SavingsPinay FB Community from 46
October Projects

From the goals I set for October I pre-selected the areas on my life that I want to focus on followed by the next actions I have to accomplish to get the ball rolling. This layout is incredibly helpful and I found myself checking every once and awhile just to update myself on what I should be doing to succeed. 

October Dashboard

I decided to ditch the editorial calendar this month and use the Google Calendar instead. Updating my editorial calendar on the Bullet Journal takes time plus I feel like it's easier to change blog titles and dates through digital. All I have to do is drag and drop. 

Instead of an editorial calendar I created a Dashboard to include my Stat Tracker. I also did a Weekly Schedule on my tasks on the blog. This will serve as a basis for me on what I have to work on a daily basis. 

October Weekly and Daily Page

I just can't let go of weekly page. I love having an overview of what will happen to the week. I was browsing on Instagram and I saw this layout where the owner did a space on the left and right for a "weekly page". For my weekly page I wrote the following on each side:

This Week - Are the Most Important Tasks of the Week

SavingsPinay Posts - Are post title of what will be published on the blog

IzzaGlino Posts - Are post title of what will be published on the blog

Mini Calendar - This is for reference

Budget - As action plan on my goal to really budget this October I wrote a budget of the week. This is also the space where I track my daily expenses.

My Daily Pages are changed too on a much simpler layout. I just have my usual date, day, weather and tracker header plus the tasks of the day. After I jot down my to do list I then highlight my most important tasks of the day.

That's it for my October Bullet Journal I hope you enjoyed this.

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  1. Now that's really organized! I like bujo style recently however can't stick to writing all the time. I checked your sidebar link to IG but its broken. Let me know what's your current IG handler. :D

    A Beauty Bella

    1. Hi Glenda!!! My instagram account is @izzaglino though di ako ganun nakakapag-post about my Bullet Journal.
      Bullet Journal has changed my life. I am sticking to this system na talaga until I find a new one hehe. Thank you for reading!