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November 2016 Bullet Journal Set Up

I think I finally found a planner peace when it comes to my set up. Last month's Bullet Journal was the best I've done so far. Just a little more tweak and everything will be perfect. I only have a problem when it comes to my Weekly Layout. I have a hard time finding the one that will work for me. 

Monthly Calendar

Still on November I decided to use the Calendar Layout with events and appointments on the left side and gratitude log on the right. This works for me nicely and I enjoyed re-reading what I've been grateful for the past month. It really brought good memories to me especially when I did my Monthly Review.

November Habit Tracker

Another layout that surprisingly worked for me is the Habit Tracker. I have shared how for the longest time I am unsuccessful in keeping a habit tracker in my Bullet Journal but since last month it's been very helpful. I love filling the colors for each boxes as I go on my day. 

November Goals

Still using the same layout as last month wherein I combined my goals and projects based on @penpapersoul layout. I have a massive brain dump on what should be done for this month and excited just to cross as many items out.

Last Month's Goals and What Happened To Them

1. Complete my reading list for the month. - FAIL. I don't know what's happening to me but I haven't been reading for the past number of weeks. I did finish #GirlBoss and you can read my book review HERE.

2. Complete tracking my Habits and Routines Daily - Again my Habit Tracker is one of the best layout for October and I love it so much

3. Start Closet and Shoe Organization - Finally I was able to sort out my closet and really get some progress. I  also ended up cleaning my makeup collection. 

4. Create October Budget
  •    Track daily expenses
  •   Put loose change on Piggy Bank 
Done. I started tracking my daily expenses on my dailies and it did help me a lot to understand where my money is going. My piggy bank is also almost full.

5. Open Extra Income Passbook Savings Account. Supporting story here. I didn't open a new account but I was able to use my BPI Express instead. This became my current dedicated account. If you want to take a glimpse on my October Extra Income Report CLICK HERE.

6. Work on SavingsPinay blog revamp every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  - Finish revamp of 100 blogposts
  - Finish adding all blog labels
  - Finish new blog post headers

FAIL. I wasn't able to do any revamping work for my blogs

7. Work on IzzaGlino blog revamp every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  - Finish revamp of 90 blogposts
FAIL. I wasn't able to do any revamping work for my blogs
  - Add About This Blog on Footer- DONE

8. Perfect my bullet journal set up - Not really perfect but I feel like my October Bullet Journal Set Up is one of the best so far.

9. Focus on Next Actions on my Extra Income Jobs - Yes and I am very satisfied with the income coming to my extra income streams.

For Stats

1. Reach 190,000 pageviews on SavingsPinay from 174,687 - YES!!! 192,147
2. Reach 105,000 pageviews on IzzaGlino from 100,237 - YES!!! 105,993
3. Reach 400 followers on Instagram from 358 - No!!! -352
4. Reach 550 Subscribers on YouTube from 523 No!!! 537
5. Reach 50 members on SavingsPinay FB Community from 46 -YES!!! Whooping 73 members

My Realizations

I still lack the right intention to work harder for my blog. I feel like there's so much time I waste on a daily basis. I haven't been reading lately and that's bad. November is all about hustling to really end the 2016 with a bang.

Goals for November
  1. Read and complete my reading list for the month.
  2. Buy decent camera for blogging/vlogging.
  3. Revamp 50 posts on IzzaGlino
  4. Revamp 50 posts on SavingsPinay
  5. Finish all blog labels on SavingsPinay
  6. Finish Pinterest account of IzzaGlino
  7. Create and follow November Budget
    • Track daily expenses
    • Put loose change on Piggy Bank
  8. Get my Postal ID
  9. Apply for my passport
  10. Organize, Declutter and Simplify
    1. Work Station
    2. PC
    3. Shoe Collection
  11. An outdoor activity
For Stats
  1. Reach 210,000 pageviews on SavingsPinay from 192,147
  2. Reach 112,000 pageviews on IzzaGlino from 105,993
  3. Reach 400 followers on Instagram from -352
  4. Reach 550 Subscribers on YouTube from 537
  5. Reach 100 members on SavingsPinay FB Community from 73
November Projects

My November Projects include a list of items carried out from last month. I've been very lazy the past weeks and I just need to regain my energy and do some productive work again. I miss being busy on my blog.

November Weekly and Daily Page

I changed my weekly and daily page yet again. I feel like my daily pages are good enough but my weekly page is still so-so. 

For Weekly I decided to have a full page that have the following information:
  • Calendar
  • Events and Appointments
  • To Write Tracker
  • To Do List
  • Budget
For Daily I decided to do horizontal planning with headers and time tracker. I honestly enjoy this current daily set up. I also stopped doing any other collections on my Bullet Journal and simplified my set up.

That's it for my November Bullet Journal Set. I hope you enjoyed this.

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