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July 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up Philippines | Izza Glino

Today I present to you my Bullet Journal Set Up for July 2017.
I still can’t believe that we are done with the first have of the year. If feels like yesterday, when I shared the sneak peak of my 2017 bullet journal set up to you.

Back then I was using a different notebook and I had inconsistent layout from month to month. When I used Leuchtturm 1917, I noticed I’m doing a better job in using the bullet journal system.
I started to be intentional in what I’ll include in my notebook. I make it a point to include only the spreads that I really use and will make me productive. I guess the ultimate reason for this is that the Leuchtturm is a really pricey notebook for a BuJu so I have to be extra careful in using it.
Anyway, with that being said and done below are the details of my 2017 July Bullet Journal.

July 2017 Monthly Calendar

Still using the same vertical monthly calendar layout as always when setting up a new month. I just adore the simplicity of this spread. I can clearly see what will happen on the left side and write down what I’m thankful for as well as the highlights of the day on the right.

July 2017 Habit Tracker, Goals and Focus
I am still struggling in keeping up with my personal habits. I really want to ace them all and work on my personal development goals but it’s as if I’m bound in a one step forward, two steps back kind of situation.
I also included the Self-Care Tracker in this spread so I’ll see my progress over time. Overall, I am hoping for a better July when it comes to my habits.
For Goals and Focus I did a simple list on what I want to accomplishment by the end of July. Also unlike past months where I included a ton of goals, for July I just zeroed in to the important ones.

Last Month's Goals and What Happened to Them


1. Finish The Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Before I Fall and Wild. – FAILED. But I did finish reading a personal finance book entitled I Wish They Taught Money in High School.
2. Discard clothes – FAILED. Sadly, this is slowly becoming a recurring goal/task every month.
3. Attend Sunday church – FAILED.
4. Hike or Outdoor Activity – FAILED. I was supposed to go with Pia in climbing Mt. Ulap but I backed out last minute realizing it’s too far for me.
5. Conduct Mid-Year Goal Setting – YES. You can read about the result of my Mid-Year Goal Setting in this post.
6. Establish morning routine – FAILED.


1. Earn my first $100 in Adsense - FAILED. I am $2 away in reaching my goal. I know this July I'll finally make it!
2. Publish at least 2 new YouTube videos – YES!!!!! I published My BeautyMNL Haul and My Pinay Skincare Routine
3. Project SavingsPinay eBook - FAILED.
4. Connect to brands for possible collaboration or sponsored post - YES. BeautyMNL reached out to me for a collaboration!
5. First affiliate earning with IzzaGlino - FAILED.


1. Post first Facebook Campaign (Ad) - FAILED
2. Finish setting up Facebook Page - YES. Please visit
3. Post Bloggers United photos on Business Page - FAILED
4. Create OLX Ad for Business - FAILED

For Stats

1. Reach 35,000 pageviews on SavingsPinay from 31,756. YES!!! An awesome 64280
2. Reach 215,000 pageviews on IzzaGlino from 197,693 YES!!! 221,266
3. Reach 450 followers on Instagram from 423. No...437
4. Reach 195 members on SavingsPinay from 182. Nope! 191

Major Goals for July 2017


1. Follow this month's 50-20-30 Budget Rule. More about this in this LINK.
2. Start a Morning Routine
3. Replace too much social media at night with an evening routine
4. Read and Finish 4 Books - one per week
5. Get at least one week ahead of my blogposts
6. Publish 2 New YouTube videos
7. Accomplish at least 2 open projects under IzzaGevents, IzzaGlino, SavingsPinay and YouTube


1. Earn first $100 on Adsense
2. Write 10 High SEO Blogposts on SavingsPinay
3. Publish new post every other day on IzzaGlino
4. Write a guest post. 1 for SavingsPinay and 1 for IzzaGlino
5. Find/Research affiliate business


1. Publish Services Page
2. Publish five new blogposts 
3. Create FB advertisement
4. Create Sulit advertisement

July 2017 Time Tracker

For the complete instruction how I use the time tracker in my bullet journal you can visit my March set up.  
I really adore this spread although its time consuming to set up. But if you want to have an idea on how you use or consume your time for major activities on a daily basis then this could be a good addition in your bullet journal.

July 2017 Weekly and Daily Pages

I can honestly say that this week was one of the best weekly and daily pages layout I’ve ever made. I love the big space to brain dump my weekly to do list and an empty section to take down notes. Creating sections for each days of the week give me sense of prioritization. After so many failed attempts of creating a function weekly pages I finally created one.

That't it for my bullet journal this month.

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