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What I Got For Christmas 2017

This is the first time that I will be blogging my What I Got For Christmas instead of a video.
As much as I want to make a haul video for My YouTube Channel, time won’t permit me. It became more and more tedious for me to film and edit a video for I’m in the process of decluttering my room.
Anyways, I believe it is still fun reading along what I got for Christmas, right?
I’ve always spent Christmas with my family at our house but this year we went to Cavite, my Kuya’s new home to celebrate.
Christmas is my second most favorite holiday next to the New Year. It’s a good time to relax and to mingle with family members. My mother don’t usually go all out for Christmas when it comes to food and reserve everything for the New Year.
Of course, Christmas is also time to give and to receive which make this post extra exciting. Here are the gifts I received for this Christmas:

Chocolate Chip Cupcake

Not going to lie, I did not touch this chocolate chip cupcake and even forget it at my Kuya’s house when we celebrated the Christmas day. But, I did had a taste back at work from another colleague and it was great. It is soft and chewy in the inside. The flavor is not too sweet for my liking and would have tried it with coffee if I could turn back the time.

Red Velvet Crinkles

If you ever find this red velvet crinkles in a snack bar or pasalabungan please do buy one. This just screams Christmas in my opinion. The cream cheese filling is sooooo yummy. I was also touched with the message that my workmate left on the greeting card. Always a nice feeling to be appreciated with what you do best.

Marks and Spencer Half-dipped chocolate Dutch shortcake

I received this ultimate coffee combo from our Group Head. This is something I have to add on my to-buy list snacks from Marks and Spencer.  I’ve always enjoy butterfinger biscuits as a child and this buttery melt in your mouth goodness made my Christmas extra special. I love the fact that I can enjoy one end with Belgian chocolate dip and the other end in its simplicity.

Chef Toby’s Caramel Popcorn

This is by far my favorite among the many great gifts I received for this Christmas season. Popcorns are classic snack you just want to have during lazy wee hours. I can’t help but imagine myself grabbing some of this Chef Toby’s caramel popcorn while watching Netflix.

One Year Bible Devotional and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

I received these books during our company group Christmas Party. Both were in my wish list and I’m thankful that although our budget for gift giving is only Php 300, my Secret Santa still granted both. I’m still deciding whether to use the One Year Bible as my morning devotional for 2018 or buy Joyce Meyer’s Power of Being Thankful. As for Dark Places, it would definitely be in my reading list for Next Year.

An Eco Bag

There’s no harm in receiving yet another eco bag this holiday season. This one though is extra special when it comes to design and functionality. I love the fact that there’s a string attached to close for protection.

A Makeup Bag

Another gift I don’t mind receiving even though I already have a ton of, are makeup bags. I usually bring a ton of makeup with me during event emcee and I need a stable bag to include everything I need. This black polka dots makeup bag is super nice.

A Pill Box

This is the first gift that arrived at my desk. It came as early as second week of December from one of the officer in the office. This pill box is not only cute but also functional as well. I'll probably use this to store some antihistamine as I have allergic reaction to shrimps.

Michaela Wallet

This was given to me by my immediate superior at work. I've always wanted to own a wallet from Michaela but there is no branch I know of. If you're someone who love wallets with different pockets in the inside then you're going to love this same wallet.

Body Bag

Lastly, I'd like to share this blush pink body bag I received from my sister during our Christmas gift giving at home. This is a good bag to carry running errands or on short trips as well. You can even adjust how high or low the handle will be according to your preference.

I didn't expect to receive such thoughtful gifts from my workmates as I'm fairly new at work. I've only been in this new job for 10 months but I do feel so loved by everyone. 2017 surely went too fast because I'm having fun in every area of my life. Thankful for all the gifts and greetings I received during the Christmas.

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