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How I Find Time To Read a Book in My Busy Schedule

This is an appreciation post to the kind of person I’ve been recently.

I’m actually finding time to read and finish a book in spite of my busy schedule. Reading a book on top of juggling two blogs, a business and a full-time job.

And it’s been absolutely wonderful.


Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mine ever since. I started with reading romance pocket books back in high school then graduated to books with movie adaptation years after. I even have a collection of personal finance books which are still awesome read every time I need inspiration to blog.

And I’ve been in a reader’s block for a looooong time. Reader’s block is a common phase wherein you suddenly cannot pick up a book and read it.

I found five steps to cure reader’s block which helped me recover in 2016.

But, much to my surprise, I came back to the same state late last year. It is only after a much needed re-evaluation that I found time to read a book in my busy schedule.

And here are some lessons I learned along the way.

1. Respect your own reading pace

We all have our own pace when it comes to reading a book. Some can finish in a month or in a week. While others only need a day to reach the end page.

For the first few attempts I gave myself an ultimatum for reading a book. I follow how successful individuals read, finish one in a week or less and then move on.

This, of course, did not help.

I realized in the end that we all have our own reading pace and that should be respected.

I remember when I was still reading Devil Wears Prada, my youngest sister had been teasing me that it’s taking so long for me to finish the book unlike the other books. But, instead of speed reading my way, I respected my own reading pace.

It made reading more enjoyable. Not a chore or obligation but a way to escape reality even just for the meantime.

Speed reading may work on lengthy documents and manual but for a good book? Nope.

I’d rather savour the moment and completely lose myself in the novel I’m reading rather than get known as the girl who can finish a book at one seating.

Respect your own reading pace. Let your mind do the work. Do not attempt to fast-track because you will just lose interest. If you are really a speed reader then good for you. But, if you are like me who only reads for pleasure, reading pace is normal and essential.



2. Bring that book everywhere

If you can, bring that book you’re reading with you all the time.

This might mean having a bigger bag than usual but who cares? A book doesn’t weigh that much unless you are bringing with you a hardbound material.

Nowadays, I can’t go out of the house without a book.

Like how I can’t go out the house without getting my brows fixed or having my planner or a notebook with me.

Why this technique works?

If you have a book with you, you can just simply grab and read it while waiting for someone, while getting stuck in traffic or a long queue. Instead of picking your phone and going online, you have a book with you.

3. Read during commute

Now here’s a practical way I find time to read a book in my busy schedule --

I read during commute.

I ride an FX or van to go to work and this is normally between 15-25 minutes. That amount of time is enough for me to finish a chapter or two. And it works for me well.

If you can’t find time to read before bed or first thing in the morning, maximize your commute time instead.

Also I love spreading the beauty of reading a physical book to others. When I see a person reading a book, I get this curiosity of the joy he or she is having. I mean, there are almost 30 good reasons to read.

Other times you can squeeze reading in your busy schedule:

  • Read for 30 minutes before, during or after taking your lunch
  • Read for 30 minutes to an hour before bed
  • Read for an hour the moment you wake up on a weekend morning
  • Read for 15 minutes before checking your email
  • Read if you arrive early at work



4. Read the book you like to read

I think it’s important to read books that you actually enjoy. Although I try my best to widen my horizon, it is still true crime and mystery novels that get my blood pumping. I surely enjoyed reading Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and Lovely Bones.

Sometimes in between I read self-help books to give me a fresh view of things, banlaw kumbaga.

But I never really touch an autobiography book.

When you find that genre that you enjoy, it becomes easier to find time to read and finish a book.

5. Make it part of your personal goals

I included reading at most 24 books as part of my goals this 2018. You can check out the top seven inclusion on my reading list here.

In a single month my goal is to read and finish at least two new books. If I achieve this I get a couple of extra hours to watch Netflix,  my kind of reward.

Reading as part of your goal is advantageous too because you get that drive to make time and read. You feel more accomplished every time you finish a book.

Here’s a good books to read tracker I have at the moment in my 2018 Bullet Journal. Also check out all the planner supplies I use in this post.

According to this post by Huffington Post, the one habit ultra-successful people have in common is that they read. A lot.


And these famous personalities are not only successful in their own respective careers, they are also surely busy building their own empire. Yet, they find time to read a book, multiple books.

I pray this new found habit of mine flourish. I hope of a day when scrolling in Facebook and Instagram or binge watching videos on YouTube would be secondary only to reading books.

Thank you for reading this post.

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