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Watsons Haul Philippines

Today I thought of sharing a mini Watsons Haul. I went to Watsons EcoTower BGC and bought some new items I am excited to try out.

Honestly, I went to Watsons just to buy a medicine organizer but it turned out they didn’t have one so I ended up shopping for new items instead.

This haul is pretty short but I bought some interesting items which I am excited to share with you all. Let’s begin.

St. Ives Green Tea Blackhead Clearing Scrub (Php 249)

I have heard a lot of good things about this St. Ives Green Tea Blackhead Clearing Scrub so I thought why not buy it. I already emptied my Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub which I got from my travel to Seoul, South Korea last year. And have been looking for a new scrub to exfoliate with. 

How I incorporate the St. Ives Green Tea Blackhead Clearing Scrub in my skincare routine is pretty simple. I mainly use it twice a week, mostly Wednesdays and Sundays, right after my cleanser. Then, I use a sheet mask just to put the moisture back in my face. 

So far I can vouch to the results as mentioned online. My visible blackheads were reduced, becoming less noticeable than before. 



Beautytrends Clay Pore Refine Toner (Php 99)

I got curious upon seeing this Beautytrends Clay Pore Refine Toner. At first, I thought it was a local version of the Mario Badescu’s award-winning Drying Lotion but it was different.
The Beauty Trends Clay Pore Toner claims to visibly reduce the appearance of pores. It sweeps away dead surface skin and refines rough; uneven skin tone as it penetrates deep into pores; so they appear smaller and less visible. It also claims to make the skin soft, smooth and feel refreshed.
How you use it is quite different too. After washing the face; you shake the bottle of Beauty Trends Clay Pore Toner and moisten a cotton ball or pad with the right amount. Then, you smoothly spread the product all over the face with gentle upward strokes. 
I am honestly excited to include this in my skincare routine, especially at night. 

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Fresh Beauty Water (Php 199)

Aanother product I got curious about upon sight, Fresh Beauty Water which resembles the Son & Park Beauty Water. 
Similarities between the two are noticeable from the packaging to claims. Just like Son & Park Beauty Water, the Fresh Beauty Water is a cleanser, toner and moisturizer in one. 
What I plan to do is use this together with the Beauty Trends Clay Pore Toner. As long as there are no bad effects on my skin, I will keep on using the two products. In case I get breakouts I will stop both and go back to the products I am currently using.

Fresh 1 Minute Pore Reducing Cream (Php 179)

Aside from blackheads, I also have big pores around the center of my face. I saw a video recommendation about the Fresh 1 Minute Pore Reducing Cream and wanted to try it out as well. 
The Fresh 1 Pore Reducing Cream is composed of pineapple, passion fruit and raising extracts. It refines and smoothes the feeling on the skin. Its mild composition absorbs excess oil with mattifying effect which makes it double as a primer as well. 
How to use it - massage the cream every morning until it fully absorbed and follow your usual makeup.

Luxe Organix Castor Oil Mascara Serum (Php 99)

Last product I bought is the Luxe Organix Castor Oil Mascara Serum. The Luxe Organix Castor oil eyelash and eyebrow serum that includes a combination of ingredients that helps promote longer; thicker and healthier eyelashes and eyebrows.
I think my lashes are okay but because I rarely use mascara, I want to make them longer and healthier. Same with my brows which I know looks better when they are thicker and fuller.



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