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2022 Mid-Year Life Update - Goals, Habits, and More!

Today I will be sharing my mid-year life update. 

I did this post first in 2020 and another last year  and it was a game changer. I knew that I wanted to make it into a series. 

In this post I will be focusing on the personal goals I have set for 2022, habits I wanted to build and how I’ve been overall in the first six months of the year.

Let’s begin. 

2022 Highlights So Far

Before I begin with my wins for the first half of 2022, not that I have many, I’d like to first apologize for being missing in action in the past 6 months. Both this personal blog of mine and, my personal finance blog, were on hiatus. I think this was the longest period I haven’t blogged since I started.

The first half of 2022 is all about transitions and big decisions for me. I wish I could share with you the changes that took place in my life but I like to keep some things private. What’s important now is I’ve sorted some things out and I’m ready to commit again to blogging. 

I miss sharing bits and pieces of my life through writing. For years this has been a safe space for me to share my current beauty favorites, my bullet journal set ups, my blogging and productivity tips, and so much more. 

I want to keep it that way. 

I know that there’s no reason now to regret the wasted time. Instead, reflect on it and commit to make the next six months better. Slowly but surely I can still change the turn of events for my year. 

And now let’s go to my quick wins so far:

  • I had a 2-week vacation in our province at the start of the year. We went there by car so the experience was extra special. Grateful to my sister, who just learned to drive in over 2 months! haha, because we arrived safely and got to explore other places in our province. 

  • I had my first hosting gig after some time and it was for the wedding of one of my high school friends. 

  • My long-term side hustle client last year renewed for another year and we are exploring more projects come the second half of 2022. 

  • I also received opportunities to conduct multi-episode webinars!!! Super happy with this.

  • I got a new side hustle client and it’s slowly changing my life for the better. Wink, wink ;)

  • For the whole month of March to the second half of April my parents and youngest sister went to visit us here in Manila. Just happy to live with them again and enjoy home cooked meals, FINALLY! We also celebrated the first birthday of my niece.

  • I got to provide my parents some money to start their small business back in the province.

  • I learned how to use Photoshop in graphic design. 

Areas of My Life Update

I’ve shared my goals for 2022 in this YouTube video:

To summarize, I have these six areas of my life I’ve been working on - Spiritual/Faith, Personal Development, Financial, Work, Blog, and Business.

Here are some mid-year updates:

In the area of Spiritual/Faith, my main goal is to start reading the Old Testament. I’ll be very honest that I struggle the most in keeping my devotional life as consistent. This is one area I need to put emphasis on come the second half of the year. 

As for Personal Development, my original plan is to read 15 books. So far, I’ve only finished one so I don’t know if this is still doable. Because of this I’m downgrading my goal to at least read more books than last year. My reading count last year was 7

At the moment I am half-way done with my second book for 2022. Yay!

Financially, it was a great first six months. Side hustle income is doing well and I still have my day job to pay the monthly expenses. I also keep money for savings and investments religiously and that I’m really proud of myself. 

Work was a bit chaotic if I’m being honest. My superior resigned in January and in July, my one and only teammate will be leaving too. It’s sad to have lost two colleagues whom I’ve shared the ups and downs with for the past three years. I don’t know what will happen next. For now, I’m taking it one day at a time at work. 

For the Blog it’s clear that I’m not doing that well. I haven’t posted for such a long time and haven’t been as consistent in social media. I’m all about making a comeback for the next six months of the year. 

Lastly will be the area of Business. If you didn’t know I launched a Shopee account where I sell personal finance tools. The very first product I have is The Budget Template Notepad. This year I’ll be launching another product and I’m so excited for it!

What I Want to Achieve for the Rest of 2022

With only six months left for 2022 and a long list of things to accomplish, I definitely need to up my game. There’s no room for slacking this time. 

I want to zero in on items that will give me the most feeling of fulfilment and it is as follows:

  1. Spend quality quiet time with God. I miss spending my mornings just devouring His Word. I know how important this is and something I should spend my time with.

  2. Read more books than last year. If I get to read at least 8 books this 2022 then I’ve achieved this goal already. I’ll get back to more reading.

  3. Form good habits and routines. From reading books daily, doing morning pages, quiet time, to spending time for quick exercise. I already made a note on what I want my ideal day to be and all I need to do is act on it. 

  4. Release new products on The SavingsPinay Shop. This is around 70% ready and I’m so excited to announce this to the public.

  5. Publish new posts. Since I’ve been missing in action for a long time, I need to post more on the blog. I want to be an active blogger again. This also includes sending a newsletter to my email list over SavingsPinay.

  6. Upload new YouTube videos again. I don’t know how I’ll do this but at least twice a month I want to upload new YouTube videos. I really enjoy YouTube and I need to find time doing it. 


I’ve set some high goals for 2022 and so far I’m definitely far from achieving any of them. But I can’t stop now, right? All I can do now is move forward and ensure I’m taking action. No matter how slow the journey may be, it’s all about making progress. Thank you for reading this post.

Have you done your mid-year review yet? 

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