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2021 Mid-Year Life Update - Goals, Habits, and More

Today I will be sharing my mid-year life update. 

I did this post for the first time last year and it was a game changer. I knew that I wanted to make it into a series. 

In this post I will be focusing on the personal goals I have set for 2021, habits I wanted to build and how I’ve been overall in the first six months of the year.

Let’s begin. 


2021 Highlights and Wins so far

I will be honest to share that I haven’t been as productive as I thought I would be when 2021 started. My personal development goals such as reading 20 books, maintaining morning and evening routines, and exercising more were all inconsistent. 


But I know that there’s no reason now to regret the wasted time. Instead, reflect on it and commit to make the next six months better. Slowly but surely I can still change the turn of events for my year. 


To begin with this Mid-Year Life Update I would like to count on the good things and make a list of my highlights and wins so far. This step is also how I start whenever I plan for a new month. 


For the first six months of 2021 here are what I’m most proud of:

  • I bought my biggest purchase so far, a refrigerator!

  • I’ve been living alone since April. 

  • I finished The SavingsPinay Podcast Season 1. If you feel like listening to any of the episodes you can check out the show on Spotify and iTunes.

  • I had two additional Money Coaching Students when the year started.

  • I got two paid long-term projects I’m currently working with

  • I’ve revived my YouTube channel and uploaded two new videos after two long years of hiatus.

  • I went on a trip with my high school friends in June!

  • I’ve been guesting in Calamansi shows, almost four shows already at the moment. Calamansi is a live audio streaming app. 

  • I’ve been invited to do talks for schools and other companies. If you are interested in organizing a financial wellness session with your employees, you can send me an email at

  • I continuously receive possible paid opportunities for SavingsPinay.

  • I had my first dose of COVID -19 vaccine



Areas of My Life Update


In the beginning of the year I did a 2021 goals page in my bullet journal set up highlighting six areas of my life - Spiritual/Faith, Personal Development, Financial, Work, Blog, and Business.

Here are some mid-year updates:

In the area of Spiritual/Faith my main goal is to finish reading the New Testament. I'm slowly but surely progressing on it, finishing 10 out of 27 books with the longest done - Matthew, Luke, John, and Acts.

I am really looking forward to finishing the rest of the books in the New Testament before the year ends. 

My quiet time is far from perfect but I’m grateful that it’s getting better as the days go by. S​​pending quality time reading and studying the Bible is such a foundational activity. It gives you the ability to be spiritually disciplined and grow our walk with Jesus.

For Personal Development, I wasn’t really at my best. Since April 2021, I’ve been in an unproductive rut. I’m definitely not that consistent in reading and finishing two books a month. I’ve only read five books out of my reading challenge of 20 books this 2021.

I wanted to do more exercises this year compared to the past and this proved to be challenging but rewarding as well. In total I have done 62 workouts so far and that’s a feat! My best months have been February to May 2021 where I do an average of 14 workouts a month. Gusto kong bumawi for the rest of the year at least before the holiday starts. I also started doing pilates through this video

As for my habits I’m still working on my daily morning devotions, morning pages, and exercise. Ever since I started living alone I’ve been unproductive and my main goal now is to combat my laziness. 

For Finances, everything is going well. I received opportunities this year that blew up my extra income fund. I’m staying invested and my savings have been on schedule as well. For most of the year I’ve been working from home which opened room for more savings. However, I overspend every now and then. 

You can watch below’s video for a look at how much I spend in a month:



If you want more update and tips on my finances, please do read my personal finance blog,

At Work I’ve been busy as usual. I already hit my key performance indicator of reaching 100,000 total followers across all social media accounts of the company far before the target date. As always, the goal is to continue adding in the number of followers for the rest of the year. I also did some great projects at work such as starting the TikTok Page of the company and doing an interview series where I get to meet some of my idols in the field of personal finance. Yay!

In terms of Blog/Business, I’ve been missing a lot of posts lately and I’m really sorry for that. Life has been different now that I’m living alone. 

It was a real adjustment since for 27 years I’m used to having my parents and any of my siblings with me. Unlike before when I had my mother to cook meals, now I have to do it on my own. Same as with cleaning the house, washing the dishes, washing clothes, etc. And I didn’t realize those tasks do take time.

I will work on my consistency in terms of blogging before the year ends. 

Something amazing I did for the year is to relaunch my YouTube channel. I’ve uploaded four new videos and am working on publishing more videos. Another goal is to publish the Season 2 of The SavingsPinay Podcast. 

I had two new One-on-One Money Coaching students when the year started. Without officially launching it to the public I’ve worked with five students already. So grateful for the trust that people are giving me. 

Lastly, I started an online shop! My first ever physical product is The Budget Template Notepad. It’s a budgeting notepad based on the 50-20-30 rule of budgeting which helped me so much in my financial journey.

Check it out here -

What I Want to Achieve for the Rest of 2021

This year is filled with changes from living alone, doing YouTube, to starting my own Shopee shop.

I badly want to make the most of the last four months of the year. I still have a lot I want to achieve.

  1. Read at least 10 books. I don’t think my reading goal of 20 is achievable given that I’m stuck at five books and it’s already August. Currently, I’m reading The Kite Runner which is a timely read with what’s happening in Afghanistan. My goal is to finish at least two books a month.

  2. Exercise more. As I mentioned gusto kong bumawi when it comes to the number of workouts I can do for the rest of the year. I missed the productive streak I had from February to May. 

  3. Release more paid products. I have two more paid products that I plan to release before the year ends. 

  4. Work on my YouTube channel more. I want to publish new YouTube videos so I can increase my watch time and hopefully get eligible in the YouTube Adsense Program.

  5. Blog more. I just want to publish more posts since I’ve been really missing posts lately. 

  6. Work on my extra income projects more. From the two paid projects I got to releasing products, kailangan doblehin ko yung sipag ko. I badly need to make up for all the wasted moments in the first six months of the year. 


2021 has been such a surreal year, same as last year. Everything seems like a blur lately. Here’s what’s important, if being productive gives you  a sense of achievement in the midst of the pandemic, do so! But if you are someone who’d rather slow down to cope up there’s no wrong with that. What’s more important for now is to stay healthy and to stay safe.



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