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I decided to create my very first Bucket List for 2016. 
I am thankful for the items I have crossed out on my list but later I realized it is better to create a Life Bucket List I can refer back from time to time. 
This page will updated and reviewed every end of the month. 



1. Baguio  READ: My Baguio Travel Diary
2. Palawan
3. Puerto Galera
4. Batanes
5. Bacolod
6. Davao
7. Pampanga  READ: My Pampanga 2D 1N Travel Diary
8. Bicol
9. Samar
10. Bohol
11. Cebu
12. Ilocos


1. South Korea
2. Thailand
3. Vietnam
4. Camboadia
5. Malaysia
6. Singapore


1. Go scuba diving  At Cagbalingad Beach Caramoan. Story Here 
2. Try snorkeling
3. Hike
      - February 2016 Mt. Manabu Experience
      - April 2016 | Mt. Daraitan Experience
      - February 2017 | Mt. Talamitam Experience
4. Attend a Philippine Festival
5. Ride a helicopter
6. Go on a road trip
7. Live in a different country for at least six months
8. Experience winter or snow


1. Learn a new language
2. Learn to cook basic Filipino dishes
3. Learn how to ride a bike
4. Learn how to swim
5. Take up a Yoga class


1. Jog after work READ: Goodbye March, Hello April
2. Buy a gym membership
3. Become a mentor to someone  I became a mentor to Ave, my OJT turned assistant :)
4. Attend a class
5. Start transition the blog to business  In 2016 I did invest in both SavingsPinay, IzzaGlino and my YouTube Channel. I bought my own domains and better equipment.
6. Volunteer
7. Attend a concert  
8. Join a ukulele session
9. Be invited as a speaker
10. Conduct a seminar/workshop
11. Attend more seminars/workshops/events
12. Treat each member of my family to lunch/dinner at least once
13. Write a love letter to someone
14. Set up a productive work space
15. Grow my current makeup collection
16. Buy, Read and Finish the Harry Potter series
17. Celebrate Papa's 60th Birthday with a festive party READ: Goodbye December, Hello January 2017
18. Take my parents on an out of town
19. Take my parents on an out of the country
20. Get my Masters Degree
21. Retire in my 30's
22. Achieve total passive income online
23. Save and Invest 10% of my income
24. Save and Invest 25% of my income
25. Save and Invest 50% of my income
26. Watch a theater play
27. Organize a family photo shoot
28. Buy my dream car
29. Buy my own condo/apartment or house
30. Write and publish a physical book
31. Establish my own wedding and event business
32. Franchise a food cart