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All About CY Gabriel Soap Special Pink

Do you know the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Well I found out a product that totally resembles what the saying is all about - To never judge something just by looking by the outer appearance. :)

CY Gabriel Soap has been in the Philippine Market for years. I actually have seen their soaps in department stores and specialty stores like Watsons ever since I am a child but growing up I have never thought of using their soap. Allow me to publish in bullets the reasons why.

  1. The packaging looks cheap
  2. The price is really really cheap for a soap who claim that it can whiten the skin
  3. I don't see anyone using it 
  4. I feel like it is embarrassing going to the counter and paying for it
For those whom I have offended by these reasons, I am so sorry but all I am saying is a personal point of view. Anyways, after my college years, I went to the mall and finally had the courage to buy this product. I first researched in well known forums like, and I saw a thread for this soap. Now that I knew others have tried it, it is time for me to have my experience too with this soap. 

As one can notice in the pictures above, there is a vivid evidence why I said that the packaging is something that I don't like about this product. A lot of whitening soap companies manage to create extravagant packaging for this soap, but C.Y. Gabriel remains to be so 70's for their look. (wink*)

I decided to buy the variant, Special Pink, because at that time it was the only one available. Special Pink. C.Y. Gabriel Special Pink is recommended for those who wish whiter and fairer skin. It is used as a daily beauty aid to keep a fair, clear and beautiful skin all day.

AT THE BACK is the direction on how to sue the product. Make sure
you don't apply it directly to your skin because it is
a powerful exfoliator. Use a damp towel instead.
You can buy the soap for 19pesos ONLY and you get 60grams worth of the product. It is said to be a genuine whitening soap and the fact that it is manufactured here in the Philippines is a very good thing. As what I said in my Local BB Cream Collection video, I am trying to use more local products now. Also this comes in small size and bigger one but I find the bigger one only available for other variants of the soap.

Once you open the box there will be the soap and then a flyer of all of the variants of the C.Y. Gabriel soap. There's also a brief history, how each variant is different and the direction to use. The soap is covered with a paper tissue and once you open even the box you'll smell right away how fragrant the soap is. To be honest, this soap smells so good and refreshes me each time I use it. 


  • The PRICE!!! Its the cheapest whitening soap to date.
  • The SMELL!!! Very lovely smell. Its addicting :)
  • The EFFECT!!! This has instant effect on the skin. First use and you will feel very clean and when you look at your arms and legs there's initial whiter effect.
  • GLOWING SKIN!!! Yes you read it right. This soap gives a glowing skin. It's not just the usual whitening one. This is good for those who like to have glowing fairer skin.
  • Always available
  • Lasts longer. The soap doesn't melt easily :)
  • Slowly but surely whiter skin

  • Doesn't come in a big size
  • Your skin will get used to the effect after like two full use of the soap. What I mean in get used to is that the whitening effect will be slow after you finished about two soaps. What I do is switch to another soap for awhile and then as soon as I finish the other soap I will go back to using this one.
  • May dry your skin. I suggest using a great moisturizing lotion :)

The above pros and cons are all based on my experience. I've been using this soap for about five moths now. 2 months (2 soaps)  non-stop and then I will have a break and then use it again. So far so good and this soap truly made a great effect on my skin. Note that not because it worked well for me will it work well for you, again you will need constant research for what product best suits you. :)

Goodluck :)

Hope you enjoyed this post. :)


  1. Gamit ko din ito, Izza. Effective nga siya pero nagpalit muna ako ng soap dahil parang nagiging less effective in whitening nga siya pag tumagal. Yung papaya variant, the orange one, medyo allergic ako kasi after using it for 1 week, nangati yung legs ko. Amoy sulfuric acid din yung orange soap, di gaya ng pink soap na rose scented. -Hazel Grace Bellen

    1. Napansin ko nga din yan eh... kapag nakatapos ka na ng isa-dalawang soap parag wala ng effect... So in my case, nagkakaroon ako ng gap in between uses nang ibang soap naman para pag nagbalik ulit ako kay CY may effect na,

      I never use any other variant aside from Special Pink. Effective kasi talaga eh.


  2. Hi! Ginagamit mo din ba ito sa face mo?

    1. Hi Dear! I am currently using this sa face ko! Just make sure you don't use the soap directly. Ok naman siya sa akin. No breakouts at all.

  3. Hi!!gumagamit din ako ng cy gabriel. Nung una di ako naniniwala pero nung gumamit ako napaputi nito yung mga dark spots ko sa mukha. Pero tinigil ko muna kasi. Parang nawawala yung epekto. Pero bumalik ako ulit after 3 months. Ngayon gamit ko ito ulit. Effective talaga😀😀

  4. Hi sis!
    What if sa back and chest ko lang gagamitin. Hindi parin ba pwede directly ko ilagay yung soap? Dapat may wet towel padin? Thanks! ��

  5. Ano po gamit niyo pang apply nang soap sa face?

  6. Ok sakin ang soap na to makikita mo papantay ang kulay mo and puputi. Saka sa mga madalas mag mantika ang mukha maganda gamitin to kasi after feel mo dry ang skin mo kaya need mo gumamit ng lotion/moisturizer. Mabilis magdry out ang pimples at walang marks after. Just make sure na before rinsing, nagstay na sya ng at least 3mins sa skin mo to make it more effective.

  7. nakakatanggal po ba ito ng acne?