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EASY Ariella Arida Inspired Makeup

Inspired makeups are one of the most common videos i watch in Youtube. I love how others are being inspired to do the look of their idols. I believe inspired makeup are not meant to copy but only to match with your own with the things or makeup that you have.

In this video i am showing you my Ariella Arida inspired makeup focusing on the dark smokey eyes and nude to dark lips she always wears. i hope you find this post interesting and the video amazing.

Nichido Kohl Pencip in Onyx- 139pesos
Black matte eyeshadow from a unbranded palette
Snoe Eyeboop- 99pesos
Essence Mascara- 209pesos
ELF Eyelash Curler- 129pesos
Pinkie's Swear Brow Pencil- 99pesos
Essence Lip liner in Honey Bun- 79pesos
G-Lish Lustersticks- 149pesos

Thank you for dropping by to my humble blog.

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