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IzzaShare: Lemon Baby, Maple Auto Carwash Salon Gives Back!

Has anyone of you visited or ordered or known Lemon Baby??? Lemon Baby is situated in front of the New Department of Foreign Affairs, Macapagal Ave. It is actually one of the many stores at the Aseana Power Station beside the Philippine's first automated car wash, Maple Car Wash Salon.

Anyways,  Lemon Baby in cooperation with Maple Auto Carwash Salon will give its 30% sales for this week to Yolanda victims in accordance to the initiative of the store to give back. Lemon Baby will also accept donations starting November 12 to 10 am of November 17, 2013. You may give your donations either in cash or in kind. See poster below.

In the Lemon Baby store you may buy specialty milk and beverage as well as pastries that's within your budget. While in the Maple Auto Carwash Salon you may avail the car wash services as well as car cares and car accessories being offered.

All of the donations that the store will gather for this will be given to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya in full hope of reaching those who are in needs in the Visayan region and so on.

The details is in the picture posted above as well as contact numbers. More than anything else, prayers for faster healing of the heart of all victims of this natural tragedy will be much appreciated.

I know we, Filipinos, can surpass this and will once again see the rainbow afterr the rain.

PS. For those who may not know i am working in Miomni Corporation and Lemon Baby as well as  Maple Auto Carwash Salon are two of our businesses. This is my way of sharing and reaching out to gather and to inform the public about this kind action from the said stores. Thank you so much.

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