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LANDMARK Cosmetics Fair Haul

I am an avid fan of Landmark shopping center. I love the great choices and the prices they offer. I do find their cosmetics fair as one of the biggest event you shouldn't meet. It happens every October of the year and i do have a video of what i got last year linked here.

This year i bought not much of products so i decided just to do a blog post instead of the video post. All of the items were 10% off and i got one which is for 50% off and is very very cool.

I didn't actually buy a lot of makeup this year and focused on beauty tools instead that i know i needed and i wanted to try. 

To start of is this two packs of Sponge Curlers.
A pack costs 69.75pesos and with the 10% off. I have no idea if this thing works but if and then i will be doing a demo video for you guys very very soon. It says that you can sleep with this one and in pictures the curls will be loose and wavy. 
The next thing i bought were pairs of false eyelashes and each costs 29.75pesos and with 10% off too.
These comes with a free glue in it and i love how long the lashes do look like. I bought three to reserve for clients and also if and then i will be doing a makeup tutorial.
I have been wanting to buy more eyeshadow brushes because i feel like a makeup artist can never have too much eyeshadow brushes. I love Landmark's Artist Studio line the most because they carry a variety of brushes in reasonable prices. I bought these three for 29.75pesos each and with 10% discount too.

I have to grab one wet tissue just because my hands were kind of a mess that day since i went from a makeup gig before going to the mall. I saw thsi one and since it is only 29.75pesos and with 10% discount too i also bought one. 
I also found this ZA BB Cream in the ZA store. The sales lady said that they are sister company with Shiseido so when i found out that their BB Cream is in 50% off i immediately grabbed the opportunity. 

From its original price of 395pesos i bought this  for an awesome 197.50pesos only. I will definitely do a demo review video for this just so you know how the product works.

Another great thing about the Cosmetic's Fair is their Free Nail Polish application when you buy worth 100pesos of nail products.

So i bought two nail polishes and two glitters and all were with 10% discount too so everything is so sulit.

I truly enjoyed this year's Landmark Cosmetics Fair and i am very much happy with the things that i bought plus the new nail polish i have. :) thank you for reading.

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