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Product Empties (Lulur, Myra Vita White, Shawill BB Cream etc.)

Yo, everyone!!! Long time no product empty post. :) I love doing product empties because i find it nice to know that there are products i bought that made a wonderful benefit in my life. Products that truly works and has proven its worth the hype.

In this Product Empties part 3 I have six products to rave. These are half skin care and half makeup products.

The Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub has been part of my January Favorites and i got it emptied after using religiously. This product truly works and i love the beads included in it. I will surely repurchase this one especially now that i found a bigger tub. :)

The Myra Vita White lotion has been my new holy grail for body whitening lotion. It moisturizes very well and has whitening effect. I am happy that i was able to try this product. It is non-greasy and has a pleasant smell that i love. I will surely repurchase this too.

This Jason moisturizing gel is something i use during my pampering nights. I love that this is a thick a d soothing 98% Aloe Vera gel. This one is from Jason and i bought it at Healthy Options. I got this for over a year already and now it is emptied. I also use this when i git any frsh wound and it helps deminish the scarring. I want to repurchase this one but for now i want to try other brand of moisturizer too.

The Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser has been my very first face primer. I love that it is affordable and it works well. The packaging is great too and i am happy that it lessens the open pores very well. I will repurchase this one though i am thinking of buying the ELF Primer too.

The best BB Cream ever, Shawill BB Cream is now emptied :( and i am really saddened by this fact. I so love this blemish balm for it gives great coverage, super lightweight and settles matte on the face. This hass erved its purpose very very well and i just love the fact that it is affordable for 168pesos only. I will surely repurchase.

The Essence Lash Mania has been my favorite mascara for months and it has been part of my October favorites too. Very good mascara in affordable price. I will definitely repurchase though i also want to try other mascara from Essence.

That's it for my Product Empties. Thank you for reading everyone. :)

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