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IzzaShares: Affordable Accessories at Festival Mall Alabang

Hi loves!!!

Last Sunday I went at Festival Alabang to attend the 3pm service at Victory. It is located in the 4th floor of said mall. Right after the worship I immediately went out since I wanted to go as early as I can for the following day will be Monday again meaning I need to get up early to go to work. 

But, at the ground floor on the side where KFC is located, I found a bazaar set up. My eyes were seeing a lot of beautiful items until I found what I have been waiting for. AFFORDABLEACCESSORIES.

The name of the store is Mhinleen Pearls. They sell a lot of accessories from statement necklaces to rings and earrings. I love the wide choices there is in the many items they offer. They look so good and worth double-triple the price that Mhinleen sets.

This necklace is for 100pesos only. It is such a great necklace with gold accent.

This necklace is amazing because it is such an statement piece. This is a cool necklace to wore in plain tops. I also love the simplicity of this accessory. This one is 100pesos also.

The last one that I bought is more of an everyday type of necklace. I love the fact that this necklace stands out even though it may appear very silver for now. This one is 100 pesos too.

I have been wanting to have a new watch since I only use my quiet old graduation gift watch to almost all of my posts lat year. Fortunately I saw this vintage looking white strap watch is just 100pesos but it looks so cool and refreshing. 

The last item is one of the most interesting watch I have ever own. It is so girly, floral and colorful and I just love how this watch can pull a basic casual look together. I also adore the gold colors I see that matches awesomely.

A cool function in this watch is that it's wide strap can be removed so if I want a simpler watch then I can just conveniently detach the wide stral below the main watch. This one is 200pesos. Yay!!!

And lastly upon curiosity I tried to use the removed white strap on the white vintage watch and fortunately it fits. Now I have my third watch out of the two sulit watches.

That's it for my post everyone. The name of the shop is Mhinleen Pearls and their mini booth is located near the KFC ground floor area. I just have no idea until when the bazaar will be. Thank you for reading my blog.

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