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IzzaShares: What's in my Current Makeup Bag?

Yo welcome back!!! After a month long busy schedule I finally had this free time to write a blog... Hurray!!! Thank you for sricking to my blog and for giving me an opportunity to share the little buts of my personal life here.

Anyways, for today's post I will be sharing what's inside my current makeup bag. I had a video up in my channel long long time ago about my makeup bag and what's inside it but I felt like its time to blog of an update because I have 100% new products in my makeup bag. :)

So that's is my new makeup bag that I bought in a streetside  on the way to an event I was hosting weeks ago. I love the color and how big and spacious the inse is. I bought for just 50pesos which is an awesome deal. 

To start of, I carry all of my face makeup including bb cream, setting powder, blush and the only brush I use.

Collection BB Secret, San-San Foundation Powder in shade 2, Touch Me blush in shade 4, Marrianaud Blush Brush N32

For the eyes I only carry product for my brows and my lashes. I do not wear eyeshadow at work because I feel like its too much for a daily basis. 

Essence Get Big Lashes mascara, Shawill 2 Way Eyebrow Cake, Elf Treat and Tame in Dark

For lipstick I put in this new items in my collection. This is like my ultimate lip combo and I love pairing these two babies together. They are just so perfect.

Touch Me lipstick in Cashmere, Elf lip stain in Lucky Lady

I also carry essentials in my makeup bag for hygeine purpose. I love that my makeup bag is just with the right size.

HygeinIx Alcohol Spray, Bonheur Ocean Hand Cream, Watsons Tissue

That's all inside my bag everyone. Please wait for reviews and product features for each item. I would love to share to you how amazing these products are. Happy Saturday!!!

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