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Product Hype: Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub

As 2014 starts I promised to myself that I would explore and expand the products that I use. I wanted to try different brands from differen proce range to be able to know what realy suits me well.

Thus the reason why I initially bought the Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub upon seeing it in a Christmas  budget packa before. I actually made a haul video about this one and I am truy ready to share to you guys what I feel about this product.

The Asian Secrets Lulur is said  to be a product that brides to be in Indonesia used to whiten their skin before the wedding day. It is part of a beauty regimen that claims to give results in as early as 7 days. The packaging is so pretty too and I love the fact that it is in a tub form.

This is actually the second tub that I bought since the first one got emptied. The price is 99pesos. The product is actually good for 2weeks use specially if you use it every shower time. 

This product is to be used while your skin is still dry or just before you wet your skin. I use this one on my arms and legs and scrub in a circular motion. I try to put more on my elbows and knees too as well as my neck area. 

What I love about this product is the instant white complexion that it gives. Upon using, you can actually notice that you are getting fairer. Dead skin cells are getting removed upon scrubcing which feels awesome and refreshing. I am totally in love with the smell of this one because it is very much pleasant and inviting.  

This body scrub is true to what it claims. It really whitens and one of the product I will continually repurchase. I used this when the weather in Manila is really cold and the dryness on my skin instantly faded. This product is just one of a kind. 

That's it for my product hype hope you enjoyed this video. Happy Sunday. :) 

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