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Manila's Travel for Less suggestions

If you notice most of my November posts are personal. This is because November is my birth month and I wanted to share a portion of my life to you guys. Same theme has been going on with my financial blog, SavingsPinay. I shared the 5 Sources of My Happiness, Things I Realized After Graduation and 21 Facts About Me. On this Lifestyle blog I manage to share My Current Foundation Routine and My 21 and Better List.

After accomplishing the above posts, a bigger realization appeared. I felt deep inside that there's something that I've been putting off for so long in my life. Yes, I may have hosted a lot of events which made it possible for me to go to different places, but I come there to do my job as an event emcee and not to enjoy the moment.

I want to Explore.
I want to have an Adventure.
I want to Travel.

But of course, I want to keep the travel goal as small and attainable first.

I've got a good list here of very reachable places yet proven and tested to be an all-out fun exploration. I want to do it alone. Treat it as part of a bigger travel milestones in life. 

1. Ayala Museum. Since I work very near to this, I might as well try and go to this museum, right?! I had my research on and just waiting for the right time to go since I still have event gigs every Saturday!

2. Intramuros. I want a nice walk inside Intramuros and visit places that I must visit and most recommended by travel bloggers I adore. This may be a series of post but I do want to conquer this place so much.

3. Fort Santiago. Since this is foremost inside Intramuros I might as well spend some time in Intramuros, right? I might go to Intramuros by mornig and Fort Santiago by Afternoon! :) If ever this will be my second time visiting the area but first time doing it alone.

4. UP Diliman. This might be a very tiring adventure but I'm willing to try. I went to UP when I tried to have my UPCAT (I didn't pass and instead took up Journalism in Polytechnic University of the Philippines) and gone to the place but mostly just to pass by so this will be a very nice added memory for me. I'll also try to find where Mang Larry's Isaw is because its the most talked about food to eat there.
5. Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park.  I went here when alone during high school when I had to go to Veterans Hospital for an essay contest that I'll be joining. I have not that enough memories of how it used to be so I wanted to revisit and take good pictures now. 

The places are easy to travel too and requires less expenses. I really do hope that I can manage to accomplish the list. Of course I will blog about my exploration. You will surely be my travel buddy!

How about you? 

Any Travel for Less suggestions?! 

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