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Pinay's Guide on How to Cover Eye Bags, Blemishes and Uneven Skin Tone

I have been vocal how I wear makeup on an everyday basis to work. But last week I made the courageous decision to not wear makeup to work and just my bare face. I swear by how having a morning and night routine for face works. Bench Perfect Skin Kit works perfectly for me.

BUT THEN, come are times (just like today) that I miss painting on my own canvass so I decided to wear makeup again after a week of hiatus. So today’s Pinay’s Guide will focus on covering blemishes and imperfections on the face. If you suffer from eye bags (like me), pimples, dark spots and etc.

Covering Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes

The leading cause of eye bags is not lack of sleep but rather lack of hydration on the body. Drink more water and try to have an eye cream that’s filled with hydro-based entities. If you have tea bags like Lipton brand you can chill them on the freezer and at night put them in your eye to cool down. This also works with ground coffee and cucumber slices to depreciate the swelling.

Covering Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark Under Eye Circles are a no-no as it makes you age faster and looks like depressed as always. To cover dark under eye circles it is nice to use yellow-based concealers especially if you are morena, not just to hide but to highlight the area. I have been a fan of the Suesh Concealerin C210.
It is also nicer to use concealer in an inverted triangle style. Use the warmth of your fingers to blend the concealer or a concealer brush. Try the Shawill Hide the Blemish You’re Bluffing Concealer.

Covering Blemishes

The key for covering blemishes is to use a product that covers heavily but doesn’t cake. You can also try to layer your concealer with a BB Cream or CC Cream so that it will have better coverage. For BB Cream try to use our local ones and I have a full link of must-try local BB Creams here: My Local BB Cream Collection.

Concealing must also be blended well. Try concealers that comes in different shades and uses to have the perfect shade for you. The cheapest I’ve seen is from the brand Catrice called All around Catrice Concealer.

Don’t forget to apply mattifying powder to seal in your makeup. 

Covering Uneven Skin Tone

As the skin in our face is the most delicate it is important to start the treatment by a proper skin routine and wearing SPF to avoid sun damage. Also don’t skip your neck in blending your makeup. The San-SanConcealer works well for those who needs coverage and a light finish. Support this with a layer of foundation and you are good to go.

Hope this post helped you!
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