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Pinay's Guide on How To Achieve Glowing and Beautiful Skin

No makeup can substitute to a healthy and glowing skin. Based on my personal experience, once my skin is very clear and highly moisturized its easier to apply makeup and it looks nicer.

Having a healthy and glowing skin become harder and harder now. Technology makes it hard for us to find proper time sleeping, too much pollution may cause damage to our skin and procrastination always strikes especially when its time to remove our makeup (count me in this!)

Now what can you do to reverse this major major skin care mistake?

1. Asses your facial cleansers. Not all product works the same, it all depends on the "hiyang" factor. Use gentle cleansers like Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer and the Celeteque Moisturizer. If you are into scrubs and that feeling of small beads then try Bench Perfect Skin Whitening Facial Wash, Asian Secrets Facial Scrub and St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Washing your face is important as it is the first step of a clean and fresh skin.

2. Keep your face moisturized. Just like how water is important to the body, a good moisturizer can make a big difference for your face. I suggest using a heavy or highly moisturizing cream in the evening so that it can work its magic overnight. In the morning try to use a moisturizer is easy to blend and doesn't make your face feel dry. Try Nivea Creme or Olay Moisturizing Lotion.

3. Do not delay your sunscreen. Most damage on the face is due to bad sun exposure. Whether its summer or rainy season, a product with a good amount of SPF will surely boost your confidence under the sun. Sun screens can be higher in the price tag but trust me, it will worth it. To save more you can use moisturizer with built in SPF like Bench Perfect Skin Whitening Face Moisturizer with SPF 15 or Foundations and BB Creams with SPFs.

4. Nourish the inside. Vitamins as well as antioxidants can help promote cell degeneration and boost repairs for damage skins thus you'll be healthier from the inside that will ultimately reflect on the outside. Yours truly believes in Conzace as it is almost complete with all the good stuff.

5. Quit your vices. Cigarette, alcohol and drugs can cause scary damage on the skin so as early as possible, QUIT. Do it not just to have a healthy and glowing skin but do it for your life as well. You are not gonna be young forever so better to take good care.

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