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My April Favorites


It's time again to have a quick summary on the makeup, skincare and random items that I've been obsessed with for the end of the month. Welcome to my April Favorites. In case you haven't rad my Feb and March Favorites you can click HERE so that you'll be updated with budget-friendly items available in the market that are worth the hype.

My April Favorites

1. Nivea Sun Whitening Immediate Sun Protection Collagen Protect

As part of my beauty, skincare and body resolutions, I bought a suncreen that I could use on a daily basis. The answer has been Nivea Suncreen. It has SPF 50 that truly helps especially now that the weather in the Philippines is so hot. I love putting the product right after my morning moisturizer. It dries fast a doesn't disturb with my foundation routine. I know I still have to create a proper review about this baby very soon.

2. Wet N' Wild Cover All Cream Foundation Shade Medium

This foundation is best worn if you want coverage but still look for a light weight formula on the skin. This evens out my siin tone, lasts until end of work and doesn't break me out. (Read: Wet N' Wild Cover All Foundation Review)

3. Shawill Perfect Lip Liner Pencil in #3

This awesome lip liner from Shawill is a badass. It only costs 59pesos and yet the product is so good. What I love most is that the it doesn't melt or go softbwhen you apply. The whole tip of the liner goes on smoothly revealing a nice pinkish effect on the lips. (Read: New Products from Shawill).

4. Maxipeel Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier

I don't know what it is that made me so obsessed with this product but I do love using it at night after washing my face. My skin feels so clean and refreshed plus almost all the other dirt or makeup residues goes off in every swipe. I did a full review about this product that you can read more HERE.
5. Himalaya Herbals Almond and Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

Though this is undeniably messy to use, I still love using this product when I have my pamper night routine. I love how it tightens my pores and diminish the blackheads and whiteheads around my T-Zone. The Almond help reveal a softer skin while Cucumber brightens my complexion and can be seen right after use. (Read: Himalaya Herbals Almond and Cucumber Peel-Off Mask Review).

Random Favorites

Subway. I can't count how many times I take out a subway for the month of April. I love it as breakfast and snack in the afternoon. Nakakaiyak nga lang yung presyo but it taste so good and just the smell of freshly made subway will make you drool. Thank God theres a branch extra near our office.

Quick. This an app that I've been experimenting for April. It let's you overlay text on your images which is amazing. My current profile picture is made trough this app.

Marriage Vows. As you may all have known I am a wedding emcee for quiet some time now. But this April I just appreacite the kilig that marriage vows give. How the groom will say the sweetest words that every girl will wish to hear and how the bride will respind with the most honest and sincere "I love you". Every wedding that I attend is a testimony that there is true love.

Dubsmash. Watching dubsmash must be an obsession I have to admit. I particularly love those Kris Aquino videos for they are so hilarious. You can click this link for a list of some of the best and the trending dubsmash videos available at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I am as always happy finding products that actually works. Be sure to read my next posts.

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