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YouTube Fan Fest Creators Academy Experience!!!

Before June ended, something unforgettable happened to me. I became part of the YouTube Fan Fest Creators Academy held at Marriot Hotel, Pasay. It was a huge gathering by the biggest Youtubers from the Philippines. The program was comprised by informative talks from famous Youtubers and fun activity for all the attendees.If you've been a long time reader of this personal blog of mine you'll know that I create YouTube videos. I have over 90 videos on Beauty, Finance and others. Soon I might also include tips and other  pieces of advices for Pinays. If you are into YouTube videos then make sure to checkmy channel and subscribe.

Going back to my YouTube Fan Fest Experience. This is actually the biggest event I've attended as a blogger and I am just so amazed by the people I met during the event. I believe I became more of a "fan mode" rather than a "creator" that day. Whenever I see a YouTuber that I love, I will ask for a picture or I will blush and my heart will beat non stop.

You can watch the video below!!!

Makeup of the Day

Foundation: Paintbox by Bench BB Cream

Powder: Maybelline Original Powder

Brows: Shawill Eyebrow Cake

Mascara: Maybelline Magnum Mascara

Blush: Maybelline Color Blush

Eyeshadow: NYX Matte Eyeshadow in Brown

Lipstick: San San Lipstick in Nude Brown

Outfit Of The Day

Leather Jacket from Ukay, Top from Ukay and Pants from Jewels.

Registration  Area. We were given freebies upon registration.

In case you are wondering who was taking the photos, I was able to RSVP my eldest sister for the event she gladly accompanied me.

This ID rocks!!! It has my YouTube Channel name IzzaintheUkayCloset!!!

Meeting Ms. Hannako of TheThriftyHannako whom I'm a big fan. She is very sweet and down to earth!!! She does a lot of fashion lookbooks and also create other tagged videos.

Meeting Ms. Say of SayTiocoArtillero. I was so happy because I finally got to meet the lady who made influenced me to create my own YouTube Channel. Ms. Say Artillero is so pretty and she is also very nice and accommodating for pictures.

Meeting Ms. Anne of AnneClutz. I did not just meet Ms. Anne but also became her seatmate during the event. She was very blooming and you'll notice how the happy she is during her pregnancy. I wish Ms. Anne a healthy delivery for the baby. I also got to meet her wonderful family.

Meeting Sir Bogart the Explorer whom I'm surprised to have a foreign accent. He was the one who hosted the event together with another great YouTuber, Ms. TuTu.

Snack Station

Panel 1 . Lloyd Café Cadena, AJ Rafel and Macy Kate

Panel 2. Kurt  Schneider

Panel 3. Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg and Oli White

Meeting Lloyd! The ever so famous Llyod who made us all laugh during the panel. He is very down to earth and he really knows how to make people happy.

Group Activity. Brand Ambassadors from Cornetto, Close Up and Rexona.

 I was part of the Blue Team.

Meeting Ms. Alodia of Alodia Gosiengfiao. This lady is super duper pretty!!! Her face is so small and so flawless. She is like a doll in person!!! She was also awarded with a silver button for hitting more than 100,000 subscribers.

Freebies  That I Got!!!

YouTube T-shirt, Tumbler, Notebook and Pen. Couples Shirt from Cornetto's Ubebe campaign. YouTube Creators Playbook.

My Realizations After the Event

  • I  was so inspired to create new YouTube videos. I recently published a No Makeup Makeup for Tag-Ulan and been planning to spend more effort and focus on my YouTube channel.

  • There are a lot of opportunities in YouTube. You just need to find your own voice and really create quality content.

  • Always have a room for improvement. Invest with your tools and be consistent

  • Lloyd shared that if you really want success then you need to use all your section in High School (Love, Patience, Charity etc.)

  • I am part of the Philippine's YouTube Creators and world's YouTube community!!! Hooray!!!

  • YouTube will surely be a great home to showcase your talents and skills.

It was truly a memorable day for me. I met a lot of new personalities and was able to learn more about YouTube. I promise to dedicate more time with my YouTube videos and really just focus on what makes me happy.


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