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Ponds Perfect Care Cold Cream Review

My face has been acting weird lately. It's very dry and flaky and pimples just pops out everywhere. Whenever these symptoms occur, I know exactly what the problem is.

I am so guilty of sleeping with my makeup on. Because of my busy schedule at work and the tiresome day-to-day experience of commuting, I will be very tempted to just go straight to bed without removing my makeup.

The next day I wake up, I'll notice that my face just doesn't look and feel right. Then come the classic Ponds Perfect Care Cold Cream. This baby is a must-have item for those who aspire effortless removal of makeup.

Product Information

PondsPerfect Care Cold Cream is a rich, deep cleanser that deep cleanses and keeps the skin soft. It has special deep cleansing ingredients that effortlessly take out deep-seated dirt and make-up even stubborn mascara. Its natural moisturizes keep skin soft and supple.


134.75pesos for 60 grams of product. This is also available on a bigger size for a higher price.

Directions for Use:

1. Apply a pea-sized amount on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Spread and massage gently over your face and neck.

2. Tissue off or remove with wash cloth to take out deep-seated dirt.

3. Re-apply if necessary

4. Wash off with water and face cleanser, like any Ponds Facial Wash.

My Experience:

I  learned about this great product late. Even after all the positive reviews from other bloggers, it still took me time to finally decide in purchasing the Ponds Perfect Care Cold Cream.

The cream is a thick, white and a little greasy that is uncomplicated to apply. It also has a unique scent that you will remember.

I love how this product easily removes dirt and makeup. I can put it like a normal lotion or cream on the face, massage gently and wipe off with wet wipes afterwards. It just makes my day-to-day removing of makeup trouble-free.

There are times when I still wash my face with my usual facial wash just to achieve that squeaky clean feeling. However, you can just rely on a makeup wipes because this product doesn't give greasy feeling.

What I Love:

  • It is a hypoallergenic
  • Works in all skin types
  • Extra hydrating makeup removing
  • Effective to use for stubborn eye makeup
  • Always available
  • Proven to work well on the skin

What I Don't Love

  • The price is not that budget-friendly

  • The tub packaging is not that hygienic


My experience with the Ponds Perfect Care Cold Cream is amazing. I use it on a daily basis and I can feel its effect on my skin. I have a softer and more fresh-looking  skin even without makeup on.

Have you tried the Ponds Perfect Care Cold Cream? What is your reaction? What makeup remover can you recommend? Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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