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Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Protection Lotion Review

I've been going crazy over sunblock ever since I tried the Nivea Instant Effect Sunscreen. I realized how effective sunscreen is and the benefits that it could give. With the positive effects that the sunscreen had made in my face, I thought it would also be nice to find one for my body.

Most of the lotions that I use has an SPF in it. Some has SPF 15, others have SPF 30. But I have never tried a focused sunscreen lotion that I could if and then I go decide to go to the beach or when it's just too hot outside.

But that was before. Currently I'm using Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Protection Lotion and I just love everything about it.


Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Protection Lotion is a non sticky water resistant lotion infused with SPF 30. It is one of the newest releases of Vaseline and comes in a vibrant orange packaging.

The product claims to be the perfect UV protection that nourishes the skin to keep it healthy. It has Yogurt ideal for skin nourishment and Aloe Vera that replenish the skin's moisture level. The product has SPF 30 to effectively protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.


It is available for 200pesos for 100ml size.


As said in the product description, apply all over the body 10-15 minutes before exposure to the sun. Re-apply every 2 hours when exposed to strong sunlight.

Also included at the back of the label of the product are some precautions as follows:

  1. Do not stay too long in the sun even while using a sunscreen product
  2. Keep the product away from sunlight exposure
  3. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor


In my past post entitled Let's Talk About Lotion I revealed how investing in a good lotion is important. What I love about this Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Protection Lotion SPF 30 is that it is one of the most budget-friendly sunscreen for the body ever. The SPF 30 may be a little low for others but this amount is ideal for everyday use. The packaging is simple and has a sturdy cover so you won't worry spilling the product all over. 

Since the price is very friendly for a frugal person like me, you can stock up on this for as your daily use. It is also perfect for students and young professionals who are in the hunt of an SPF lotion to use but has limited budget. This lotion is easy to apply and has a nice feel in the body.

I actually found great swimwear collection at ZALORA perfect for a huling hirit sa tag-init together with my family, and this Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Protection Lotion is very compatible to bring along. It smells good and feels good for the entire body. Definitely non-sticky at all!


  • SPF 30
  • Water Resistant
  • Smells good
  • Non-Sticky at all!!!
  • Promotes healthier skin
  • Has Yogurt and Aloe Vera that's good for the skin
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Need to wait 10-15 minutes fo the product to take effect
  • Re-application is a must after 4-6 hours of long exposure to the sun


This Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Protection Lotion SPF 30 is worth recommending to everyone! I will definitely repurchase this and keep it as my sunscreen lotion. I love that this product is always available in leading beauty stores so you have no escape not to buy and try out this one.

I hope you love this post!


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