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My September Style Inspirations from Pinterest

Having a short (asymmetrical pixie) hair is quiet hard to style. You don't want to look boyish but you also don't want to look too girly and dressy. I personally love neutral colors and ensembles on my daily work outfits but I don't like to look too boring and too paulit-ulit. That's why I constantly look for fashion inspiration and style ideas that can rock my closet. Thank you Pinterest for always saving my life whenever I need a lakas maka-OOTD look. 

For September my Style Inspiration is includes jeans, nude flats and basic tees with blazer. These four-piece ensemble can be very ideal for my work outfits. They are casual yet pleasing in the eyes and I primarily have all the needed pieces already. 

Hope you enjoy this post!
*all pictures are from Pinterest



This is so pretty and will work perfectly for a Monday outfit. All you need is a nicely tailored white jeans, basic grey tee and nude flats. The simplicity of this look is so addicting. I also love the addition of the statement piece (necklace) shown in the photo above.

This is also one super pretty OOTD look. The red pants match perfectly with the cardigan plus there is a printed scarf to add extra edge in the outfit. Again, I love the accessories used in the pictures. 

 Isn't this a nice look for a Wednesday work day? You have your classic white sleeveless top, black skinny jeans and nude flats but paired with a rather edgy and contrast color blazer. This is very pretty especially if you are going for a lunch out or probably a dinner after work.


 The above is another lazy day outfit where all the classic pieces are available. The top will give me an illusion of added weight which is ideal since I am petite. The dark skinny jeans will provide comfort and casual advantage for the look. I love the shoes in the pic however, I don't have the same shoes so I believe I can manage with my nude flats instead.


The ultimate casual Friday outfit! It has all the needed element from the black tee undergarment to the striped cardigan and black jeans. I also love the pairing of the nude pointed flats for it matches everything given in the outfit. I wish I have the accessory though but that being said it is still a workable outfit for me.


If you have plans in the weekend that involves a stroll in the mall, lunch and site seeing the above is nice style inspiration. I am reserving the outfit above for a special occasion that I will be attending this September. The pop of color gives the element of surprise and how the scallop nude flats offer femininity to wrap up the over-all look is amazing.

I am so excited to prettify and dress up this month! 

Did you find the style inspirations above helpful? What's your favorite look?


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