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Goodbye August, Hello September!!!

In SavingsPinay I have this habit of creating a monthly quick recap. It is where I summarize the milestones (and sometimes issues) that I encountered for the past month. With that being said I decided to create a "Goodbye Month Y, Hello Month X", in IzzaGlino.

My goal is to breakdown what happened to me for the past month, what I am thankful for and what I've been through and post the things I am looking forward to in the coming month.

I hope you will like this new addition to IzzaGlino archive.

1. Tagaytay 2Days and 1Night. 

I've been wanting to have an escapade for the longest time ever. Fortunately my BFF Nica is very much into the idea so we went to Tagaytay!!! I have full photos of our travel diary HERE and also an breakdown of my itinirary and budget HERE.

2. Hosted Emporia Philippine's Soft Launch. 

It was an honor hosting the leading digital marketplace for small businesses' Emporia Philippines. Thank you to Ms. Ace for the opportunity. I will definitely share everything you need to know about Emporia soon. If you need an event host for your wedding, birthday, debut or company event like this feel free to send me an email at

3. Crazy over Online Shops. 

I don't know what happened but I suddenly become obsessed in online shopping. I bought sa Joni Jeans and Flats from two different Instagramers recommended by one of our intern in the office. I also bought top and skinny jeggings so I will always have something to wear.

I shopped at IG: @happycone

4. Celebrating my sister's birthday at Yakimix. 
Last August 19, my family and I went to Yakimix Greenbelt 3 to have a nice sumptuous buffet in celebration of my eldest sister's birthday. We enjoyed grilling meats and tasting almost every meal available in the buffet. 

5. Books and nothing but books!!!  
The problem about me is that I am obsessed buying books. I just can't help myself for there are too many books to buy and to read and to collect in this world. I've been re-reading The Reader by Bernhard Schlink and I am so in love!!! 

6. Attack on Titan Addiction. 
I watched the film three times already and finished Season 1 of the Anime like 10 times already!!! I love it so much. The story, the action and everything that comes in between. 

7. Windows 10 Upgrade. 
Upgrading to Windows 10 is one of the best decision I did for August!!! My work PC as well as my work routine became better and more efficient. I love the comeback of the Start Menu and the Microsoft Edge (replacement for Internet Explorer). 

8. New Blog, PinayOnlineRakitera.  

I launched a new blog and this time it's called PinayOnlineRakitera! It is basically a place to learn how you can make money online through content writing, blogging, virtual assistance and more. If it is something that interests you then please do check out PinayOnlineRakitera!

9. Short Hair, Don't Care
Before August ended I said goodbye to my shoulder length hair and said hello to my shorter and lighter hair. It was a tough move getting an asymetrical pixie but I am in love with it. I will definitely film a video soon about my new hair cut so better subscribe to my YouTube Channel, ok?!

Big Plans for September!

Here's a list of what I am looking forward for the Month of September

The Manila Book Fair happening this September 16-21!!!

It is a week-long event where you can attend the talks and also spot on books from all the leading bookstores nationwide. Just the thought of being in a book haven makes me cringe!!!
Filming YouTube Videos Again!!!
I haven't posted any video for the past four weeks and I do feel a little guilty. So for Septemer I will be sure to update my channel and film something for you guys.
More blog posts!!! 
I do sincerely apologize for the constant lack of post. I became busy with my day job as well as my freelance writing gigs. I pray September will be a better month especially for this blog so be expectant of more worthy to read posts!!!
Thank you for all the love and support! We are now in the Top 150 blogs in under the Fashion and Beauty category. I am so thankful for everyone who enjoys reading IzzaGlino, a beauty and lifestyle blog for every Pinay!


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