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Japan Makeup + Skincare Haul

My sister-in-law, Ate Lhen gave me a bunch of makeup and skincare fresh from Japan. Her sister is working in the Land of the Rising Sun and since Ate Lhen is an stay-at-home mom at the moment, she decided to give away some of her sister's padala. Of course the make up enthusiast in me (Read: Why I Love Makeup) felt so touched for the free stuff!

Here's a Japan Makeup + Skincare Haul for everyone!

1. Kao White Soap. 

Upon receiving I immediately searched for information about this soap and found out that this is one of Japan's staple soap brand just like Safeguard here in the Philippines. It promises moisture plus whiter skin and it is actually a bigger in person that what it likes in the picture.  

2. Facial Masks. 

Since all the letters are in Japanese I have no idea what to call them and even how I have to use them. I am just happy to have more facial masks on hand just in case I need one. I love hoarding facial masks for they are easy to use, cheap and a great alternative to going for a facial itself. But sometimes I just love looking at my collection and end up not using them at all. haha. 

3. Loujene Eyeshadow Palette. 

This is one amazing 12-color eyeshadow palette. I love how you have the neutrals, the vibrant and the good for smokey one compact case. All the colors made available in this palette is to die for. I particularly love the second and third column for they are the eyeshadows I can work with for a nice makeup look. 

4. Blushes. 

Can I just share how amazing these two blushes look like? The packaging is so pretty plus the applicator is to die for. I just love how Japan makes their makeup packaging extra kawaii. The color payoff is nice and gives a natural glow. 

5. Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss.  

Getting these new lippies feels so good. I never bought any new lip product since my HBC HD Lipstick in Nude Brown. I haven't tried any Elizabeth Arden product before so I am very happy to receive these two babies. Both shades look nice and fitting in my skin tone and something I can use on a daily basis. 

6. No Label Mild Coral Lipstick

This lipstick don't have a name at all so I have no idea on what to call it, sorry. But I do love the shade of this one for it is mild coral and reminds me of Elf's Lucky Lady Lips Stain which I love. This is a shiny lipstick that gives a nice long lasting color. 

So that's it for this haul. I do hope you enjoy this post. 

Do you have any Japan makeup or skincare recommendation?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please use the comment section below!

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