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Blogging Goals for 2017

I already shared my  Personal and Financial Goals for 2017 in SavingsPinay and it's been my fourth year writing my goals online. I have always believed in the power of goal setting to make myself more accountable in my actions.

2016 was the year I truly invested in my passion for blogging and I can't wait to be better this New Year in everything that I do. Now that I already have the proper equipment to take decent photos and to film quality videos --- a part of me wants to be unstoppable. 

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Before I breakdown My Blogging Goals for 2017 I'll giving a quick update first on my blog goals last year. You can read the original article here.
Below are full updates on my Blogging Goals for 2016 as posted on my A Year in Review post.

1.Reach 1000 subscribers in my YouTube Channel before the year ends. Half-way there 566 subs
2. Reach 200,000 ++ pageviews in SavingsPinay before the year ends . DONE!!!
3. Reach 100,000++ pageviews in IzzaGlino before the year ends. DONE!!!
4. Reach 500++ followers in Instagram before the year ends. Getting there 366 followers
5. Grow SavingsPinay FB Group to 100 members before the year ends. Almost…98 members!
6. Gain more sponsored posts and collabs in all of my blogs. Yes, yes, yes!!! From paid sponsored posts to guest posts from GeliKyle and John, 2016 has been very nice. 
7. Attend more events through my blogs. Yes!!! Blogapalooza 2016TravelBook Blogger Getaway and Female Network Women Can Event 2016.
8. Start transitioning my blog to an income generating platform. The launch of SavingsPinay 2.0 has been the biggest surprise of 2016. This is the start of my journey in transitioning my blog to an income generating platform.
9. Conduct a seminar/workshop related to what I blog. Haven’t done this but hopefully on 2017 I can.
10. Blog everyday. Major FAILED.
11. Be invited as a guest speaker because of my blog. Didn’t happen but will be happy to achieve this in 2017.
12. Gain exposure in mainstream media because of my blog. Also Didn’t happen but will be happy to achieve this in 2017.
13. Conduct a reader meet-up. Didn’t happen but will be happy to achieve this in 2017.
14. Make more money online. Yes!!! My Extra Income has been in its all-time high thanks to opportunities left and right. 
15. IzzaGlino, SavingsPinay and my YouTube Channel will be a massive success. Aside from my YouTube Channel which I’ve been on hiatus I feel like I have massive success in my beauty and lifestyle blog IzzaGlino and this personal finance blog SavingsPinay.

Breakdown of my 2017 Blogging Goals 

1. Write and Publish a Physical Book

This goal is for SavingsPinay. I have been aiming to become a book author for the longest time. I was inspired by Ms. Lianne Lorayta of The Wise Living who is a successful blogger and book author at a young age. Either a self-published physical book or if given a chance I pray I can meet people who will believe in the journey of SavingsPinay. 

2. Create a SavingsPinay Product/Merchandise

Publishing a physical book will count as a SavingsPinay merchandise but in case that goal didn't push through I'd love to release simple ticklers like mug or T-shirts with personal finance quotes.

3. Conduct a Reader Meet-Up

I often get personal messages either through email or Facebook Group of readers who'd like to meet with one day to have a talk about their money issues. I have envisioned a Reader's Kapihan but I still lack the confidence to send an invitation in fear that no one will come. I hope given the chance to have kind sponsors and donors this reader meet-up will push through. 

4. Conduct a Personal Finance Workshop

This is in accordance to my Goal #3 and can honestly be the same day. I have long to share what I know about goal setting, creating a budget, saving money for beginners and investing for first timers in a workshop/reader meet-up. 

5. Be nominated in a blog award

This is again for SavingsPinay. It would be a metric of success in case the blog got nominated to a reputable awards body. I know this goal seems impossible but I want to work hard to create quality content that can make this possible.

6. Become a speaker

In accordance to last year's be invited as a guest speaker because of my blog. I will be very much honored to speak in behalf of a group of people in a topic I know. If you need a guest speaker please send me an invite and enable me to cross out this goal :)

7. Build SavingsPinay's YouTube and Podcast Channel

Instead of creating a new YouTube Channel I decided to just revamped my beauty channel and make it an all-in one channel for my platforms.
  • The Beauty and Lifestyle Playlist is for my love for makeup and skincare.
  • The Money and Personal Finance Playlist is for my resource videos on budget, savings, investments and beyond.
  • The Life, Vlog Updates Playlist is for my vlogs or uncategorized videos. 
  • The Bullet Journal Playlist is for my obsession with the Bullet Journal system.
The podcast channel on the other hand is to create another channel for SavingsPinay. I have enjoyed listening to Podcasts and I believe there are others who wish to learn about money too in a matter of audio files.

8. Rebuild My Beauty YouTube Channel

With my new camera and ring light I plan to create better beauty videos. I have always wanted to be a YouTuber and thsi year I want to make it happen. 

9.Create an online course

This is another goal related to SavingsPinay. I'd love to create online courses for those who want to learn more in the area of personal finance, blogging and intentional living. My plan is to create basic courses that will be sent on a daily basis via email. 

10. Successfully Launch the SavingsPinay Resource Library

Something that I've been procrastinating for the longest time ever is launching the SavingsPinay Resource Library. I know exactly what I want to do but I just can't find the time and the motivation to do it. Hopefully this 2017 I'll be able to fully launch it. 

I also would like to share to you the statistic milestones  I want to achieve this 2017.

That's it for my blog goals this year. I do hope I'll be able to cross out as many items on my list as possible. 

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