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My First MAC Lipstick in Taupe

Before December ended I made one of the biggest purchase of my life, a MAC Lipstick. I've been a makeup lover way back college and I know how big MAC is as a makeup brand. Back then I can only see it on other people's makeup bag or makeup collection. Thanks to our 13th month I finally gave in and bought a MAC Lipstick. 

I bought my first MAC Lipstick last December during my second Noel Bazaar with Nica. We were already at the Mall of Asia and we have were really determined to get a MAC Lipstick with our 13th month. We said to each other that we will take our time in choosing the shade but just five seconds upon entering the MAC store we already knew what lipstick we will be getting. 

Nica opted for a red matte lipstick in Studded Kiss. I, on the other hand, got a classic nude matte lipstick in Taupe. To be very honest, never have I imagined myself entering a MAC store. I always thought that a MAC makeup is only for the rich and famous. Getting my first ever MAC Lipstick is a big milestone for me. 

MAC Matte Lipstick in Taupe

According to my research, MAC in Velvet Teddy is the most famous nude lipstick in the line. I tried putting it on my lips but it washed me off. It was literally too light for me and I looked pale. Taupe was recommended by the friendly staff and upon trying I knew I found the one. 

Nica in Studded Kiss and Me in Taupe

Of course the MAC in Taupe comes with the legendary black bullet-like packaging. Love how elegant it looks and it literally stands out among my other lipsticks. You can feel some weight as you hold it but still very travel friendly.


The MAC Matte in Taupe retails for 1,050pesos and you'll get 3gm worth of product.

My Experience

MAC Matte Lipstick in Taupe can be described as muted reddish-taupe brown. It's like applying a brown lipstick with red undertone. I love how smooth the application can be with this lipstick. It slides ever so flawlessly on my lips. Because it is a matte finish it can a little drying overtime but nothing that a good lip balm can combat.

The lipstick can be reapplied multiple times without feeling thick. It is super creamy and pigmented as well. I consider this MAC Matte Lipstick in Taupe as another My Lips But Better shade giving me that lustrous matte nude lip color. 

This shade is just the perfect everyday nude but because it is my first MAC lipstick I only apply it during special occasion. 

What I Like

  • Classic packaging
  • One the best nude shades in my collection
  • Creamy texture
  • Very pigmented
  • Not drying at all
  • Stays longer compared to other matte lipsticks

What I Don't Like

  • PRICE!!!


Getting my first MAC Lipstick is such a monumental part of my life. I will never forget the happiness I had when I first applied it on my lips. In my opinion the MAC in Taupe is worth the price and I can highly recommend to others who are wanting to invest with a good MLBB lipstick. I can't wait for my next MAC purchase. 

[UPDATE as of April 2017] I got another MAC Lipstick in Mehr!!! I bought it because it has this nice pinky mauve color in it perfect for everyday. Love using this at work.

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