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June 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I will share to you my Bullet Journal Set Up for June 2017.

It’s been two years since I discovered the Bullet Journal system and I have zero regrets at all. I enjoy applying the system in planning and organizing my life for the better.

June 2017 Monthly Calendar

I am sticking to same Monthly Calendar since October last year. I just love the simplicity of a vertical layout. I have enough space to write down scheduled events and highlights of the particular day.

June 2017 Habit Tracker, Goals and Focus

For the longest time I find it hard to stick to my daily habits. Still, although I experience difficulty I still set up a layout as reminder.

If you want to know more about what I’m currently tracking in Habit Tracker page CLICK HERE.

At the bottom I put self-care items like water intake, mood and productivity level. This help me recognize whether I drink enough water in a day, had a good mood as well as how productive I am.

I also revised my Goals and Focus page to accommodate possible next action. I realized that putting just a one liner goal is not enough. Smarter goals should include actual action list too!

With that I tried to create a three-column Goals and Focus Page. READ: My 2017 Bullet Journal Supplies Philippines
  • Column 1 is for Goals on my major areas Personal, Blog and Business.
  • Column 2 is for Next Action to achieve the said goal.
  • Column 3 is for Master Task List for June which is logged as random and rapid as possible.

Hopefully this revised Goals and Focus page will help me achieve more this June.

May 2017 Goals and What Happened to Them

1. Finish reading my reading list for May. – MAJOR FAIL! I need to make time for this.

2. Get more habits done. YES! But still unhappy though. I know I still need to further solidify my habits and routines.

3. Finish all Manual Amendment for Audit (work-related) – YES! All for review already and I’m so happy!

4. Start discarding (clothes, books) – FAIL! So hard to commit to discarding with my tight schedule. This is one of my biggest bottleneck for 2017.

5. Hike or an outdoor activity – FAIL! But I did have an amazing May experience you can read in my Goodbye May, Hello June 2017 post.

6. Launch IzzaGevents – Yes!!! I do encourage you to visit, my business website.

7. Publish New YouTube video/s – FAIL! I really find it hard to film YouTube videos nowadays.

For Stats

1. Reach 35,000 pageviews on SavingsPinay from 21,742. Nope! 31,756
2. Reach 195,000 pageviews on IzzaGlino from 177,331. YES!! Outstanding 197,693 views!
3. Reach 400 followers on Instagram from 389. YES!!! 423
4. Reach 175 members on SavingsPinay Facebook Group from 144. Finally YES!!! 182 members

Major Goals for June 2017


1. Finish The Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Before I Fall and Wild.
2. Discard clothes
3. Attend Sunday church
4. Hike or Outdoor Activity
5. Conduct Mid-Year Goal Setting
6. Establish morning routine


1. Earn my first $100 in Adsense
2. Publish at least 2 new YouTube videos
3. Project SavingsPinay eBook
4. Connect to brands for possible collaboration or sponsored post
5. First affiliate earning with IzzaGlino


1. Post first Facebook Campaign (Ad)
2. Finish setting up Facebook Page
3. Post Bloggers United photos on Business Page
4. Create OLX Ad for Business

June 2017 Time Tracker

My Time Tracker is going strong. This is the most time-consuming pages in my Bullet Journal but I do enjoy how it looks afterward.

To encourage myself to do a better morning and evening routine, I also included AM Routine and PM Routine in my time tracker.

June 2017 Weekly and Daily Pages

I still use the same bullet journal layout for my weekly and daily pages. Only this time instead of a self-care tracker I have my Top 3 This Week, Post Schedule and YouTube Schedule. As for the other side is my Weekly Review.

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