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Local Liquid Matte Lipsticks Philippines (EB LTD, Shawill and Matte in Detail)

As you all know I’m a big fan of matte lipsticks. I discovered them way back April last year and slowly built my collection since then. Matte Lipsticks produce this bold yet natural look (and feel) on the lips.

Recently I’ve been buying liquid matte lipsticks too especially those that are locally available. I started with Jazzy Collections’ in Ice Princess, a drugstore dupe for ColourPop’s Beeper. Love the liquid lipstick only that it isn’t wearable on usual days.

And so I decided to try out a few more wearable local liquid matte lipsticks available today. In this post I’ll introduce Ever Bilena LTD, Shawill Liquid Lipstick and Detail Makeover Matte in Detail.

What I look for when it comes to liquid lipsticks?

  1. Very pigmented. I want something that can satisfy me at first swatch.
  2. Affordable. Of course I won’t buy something out of what I can afford. Up to 350-500 pesos is fine for me as long the lipstick is really good.
  3. Dries matte but not drying on the lips. I love a liquid lipstick that is comfortable when worn.

Ever Bilena LTD in Cashmere Blush

I got this months ago but forget to post a proper feature or review on the blog. Ever Bilena LTD in Cashmere Blush is the first that caught my attention upon seeing the collection released at EB’s Instagram.

I was love at first sight by the color. To tone down the brightness I just put a layer on my lower lips then use my finger to distribute it on the rest of my lips. This way the lip color dries matte in an instant plus the lip color is not too “in-your-face”, if you know what I mean.

The doe-foot applicator is something I really like. It is way easier to apply plus distribute evenly on the lips. It is definitely not the most transfer proof local liquid lipstick out there but you can layer the product multiple times.

Staying power is superb and the thick mousse-like, foamy texture is phenomenal. Ever Bilena LTD in Cashmere Blush is a favorite among the rest of LTD collection but I do want to try out darker shades like Rich Vino, Moody Merlot and Soft Cinnamon. I also tried Skinny Dip once in Watsons counter and it looks really good.

Price: 180pesos

Shawill Matte Lip Gloss in #2

I will only give a short moment for Shawill Matte Lip Gloss in #2 since I already have a full review about it you can READ HERE.

This is by far the prettiest packaging of a local liquid lipstick in my collection. I love the elegant plastic glass packaging with gold detailing. The color I got is on coral side but it still very wearable. All-day comfort is real with this one.

Again you can read the rest of my review and more individual product photos on my post New Shawill Matte Lip Gloss Review

Price: 180pesos

Ever Bilena Cashmere | Shawill Matte in Shade #2 | Matte in Detail in Jen

Detail Makeover Matte in Detail in Jen

This is on the similar shade of Shawill Matte Lip Gloss in #2 but comes with a simpler, classy packaging. Also unlike the Shawill Matte, Detail Makeover Matte in Detail in Jen’s doe foot applicator is sturdier making it easier to apply.

The only problem I have with Matte in Detail is that I experienced difficulty removing it on my lips. I have to really scrub it off unlike the first two. But when it comes with formula, Jen is amazing.. It doesn’t emphasize the lines and doesn’t get too tacky or sticky after eating.

Did I mention this smells like melon? Based on my research and reading other reviews almost all in the line smells like melon. After application, as the product dries, you won’t notice the smell at all.

I do want to buy other shades especially the nude and warm ones like Samantha, Loth and Krsyle.

Price: 229pesos

Ever Bilena LTD vs. Shawill Matte vs. Matte in Detail

Below is a summary of my observations and experience wearing the three local liquid lipsticks:

  • Out of the three Matte in Detail dries the fastest. It also has melon scent which I like. Shade is amazing. Much deeper than Shawill's.
  • Ever Bilena LTD is the most comfortable on the lips. Color pay-off is amazing too, although it has a tendency to be too bright/pink for morena like me. Needs time to dry fully.
  • My favorite is Shawill's in Shade #2. I love how it stays on the lips. The color is awesome too. Easy to remove and leaves tint as it fade. The only problem I have is it needs reapplication throughout the day.


I’m really happy with how local brands like Ever Bilena, Shawill and Detail Makeover is stepping up the game when it comes to matte liquid lipsticks. The price range is something even students can avail. What’s more fascinating about supporting local makeup line is the products are made for Pinay skin tone. You don’t have to worry too much if it’ll suit you.

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