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Sunday Currently vol. 1

I was about to do a Goodbye August, Hello September 2017 post today but decided not to. August was such a “meh” month for me and I didn’t have any event or happening at all. I didn’t even do anything worth sharing. For that reason I decided to skip the August personal recap and create a Sunday Currently  instead.

Sunday Currently is a blog link-up that started at Life lately is a bit tough. I felt like I am missing A TON of important things because of procrastination. So today I decided to just speak of the current.


I’ve been reading The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen and it is so amazing. I badly needed the teachings the book offer. I’ve been into writing since I was young, from being part of the campus newspaper to taking Journalism as my college degree. Reading Cohen’s book gave me a better idea on what I should do when it comes to my writing projects. She gave interesting hacks that I will try to follow.

Aside from Cohen’s The Productive Writer I’ve also been reading some great blogs today. Maine Mendoza’s The Pessimistic Optimist Bella blog is sooooo good. I didn’t know she has a blog long before she became the other half of AlDub. I suggest reading her post That’s how it works to start with.

I am also in love with Kate Lavie’s blog. As what I shared last week I wanted to do a room makeover for myself so I found out Kate Lavie’s blog from researching room inspirations on Pinterest. Her room tour posts are some of the best you will ever find on the internet!


This post and a lot more blog posts to still write. I’ve been busy this long weekend that I didn’t have time to write posts anymore. I have about 10 blog posts on queue before tomorrow. Haha. Good luck!


BIGBANG Still Alive playlist on Spotify. This album includes four of my favorite songs from BIGBANG - Blue, Bad Boy, Love Dust and of course, Fantastic Baby. I adore BIGBANG as band and I wish soon they will have a comeback. Almost every song they release is A-MAZ-ING. They just set the bar higher for other Kpop Idols.


How I will set up my Bullet Journal for September. I know it is September 3 already but I still don’t have a setup for my Bullet Journal!!! UGH. I’ve wanted to do something new for my Bullet Journal setup this month and incorporate the layouts that I badly needed like a content calendar or video calendar for YouTube. I also wanted to change my weekly and daily pages this month to accommodate some of the great layouts I found on Instagram.


Victoria Secret’s mist in Charmed. I love the smell of this body mist and I’m actually almost done already.


There is still no work tomorrow as I wanted to continue watching Game of Thrones. Finally after years and years of delay I decided it's time to watch the highly acclaimed Game of Thrones. I finished Season 1 in two sleepless nights and is now on Season 2, Episode 3. Game of Thrones is sooooo good. I love how good each cast portray their role. I got heartbroken with Ned Stark’s death as well as Drogo, my love. I am preparing myself for more death scene in the next episodes to come. Hopefully my other favorites won’t die. But, I bet I’m wrong.


To be productive today. I have a lot of things to do I haven’t done because of laziness. I need to work harder and better.


Last night’s sleepwear as I woke up earlier and started writing already. Still haven’t had my much needed shower!


Re-reading the tweets from the recently concluded iBlog13 where I got the opportunity to be a speaker. iBlog is one of the biggest and awaited blogging summit in the Philippines. I’ve been there twice as an audience and this year I became one of the speakers! So happy with the response of my fellow bloggers on the topic I spoke about - The Rise of Financial Blogging in the Philippines. You can visit my other blog, SavingsPinay.


More Game of Thrones. I just can’t stop watching another episode of GoT but I know I need to do more productive things.


More time to spend writing, editing and scheduling posts. I can’t help but feel sad that the long weekend is done already,. I wish I had more time to do productive things.


Alright. I long wanted to feel better. I just home the next four months will be better.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you will have a good Sunday.

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