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September 2017 Bullet Journal Setup Philippines

Today I present to you my Bullet Journal Set Up for September 2017.

By this time we can all agree that Christmas is just around the corner! Still can’t believe that the ber month already started. How I wish I could turn back the time.
Setting up my September Bullet Journal was such a pain for my Leuchtturm notebook. I tore a minimum of 10 pages just to achieve the set up that I want. My bad.
Anyway, with that being said and done below are the details of my 2017 September Bullet Journal.

September 2017 Monthly Calendar

This simple and functional monthly calendar for bullet journal is something I made way back October 2016. Since then I never changed my layout. Just adore how I can simply write down my schedule and my gratitude/highlights in one page.

September 2017 Habit Tracker, Goals and Focus

Habits and routines are powerful. They can change your life in an instant. But it’s hard to keep up with habits and routines. This 2017 the only habits and routines I believe I have mastered were morning and evening skincare routine as well as updating my bullet journal.
But I am not losing hope that there will come a week or a month that I am on track with my habits and routines.

August Goals and What Happened to Them

1. Attend Sunday service - FAILED. 
2. Establish morning routine (prayer, affirmation and morning pages) - FAILED
3. Establish Bible Study at bed time (Mark, John, Matthew and Luke) - FAILED
4. Backup and Delete SavingsPinay blogspot - YES FINALLY!!!
5. Publish new header pages on SavingsPinay - YES!
6. Create prompt photos for SavingsPinay Community on Facebook - YES!
7. Create and publish six new YouTube videos - MAJOR FAIL
8. Finalize Service Page on SavingsPinay - YESSSS!!!
9. Draft/Outline 5-day Free Courses for SavingsPinay - ALMOST DONE.
10. Edit hosting video for Facebook AD - FAILED.
11. Create OLX Account for IzzaGevents - FAILED
12. Write at least 1 blog article per week for IzzaGevents - FAILED
13. Read 3 books [ 2 eBook, 1 physical book] - FAILED.
14. KonMari my books - MOVED! 

For Stats

1. Reach 100,000 pageviews on SavingsPinay from 94060. YES! 140,517
2. Reach 250,000 pageviews on IzzaGlino from 240,884.  DONE!! 260,006
3. Reach 475 followers on Instagram from 454.  GETTING THERE!!! 461
4. Reach 750 members on SavingsPinay Facebook Community from 450. A surprising 790!!!

Major Goals for September 2017

For September I followed a new format for my monthly goals and focus. Also I decided not to publish all of my goals here on the blog but to instead include the major ones only. Those goals that I will sincerely work to achieve this month. Below are my Top 7

1. Do Morning Pages
2. Finish Season 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones
3. Konmari my books
4. Film How To Invest in Stocks video
5. Recategorize posts in this blog
6. Work on Wedding and Events website -
7. Launch Free Email Course on SavingsPinay

September 2017 Time Tracker

For the complete instruction how I use the time tracker in my bullet journal you can visit my March set up. As of this writing I'm thinking of changing how I track my time by focusing on three things only - SLEEP, POWER BLOCKS and PERSONAL. So in the succeeding days of September there will only be three colors on my Time Tracker. I added a color orange this month to indicate times where I do a personal errand.

September 2017 Weekly and Daily Pages
I am one of those bullet journal enthusiast who need both weekly view and daily pages to really sort out my life. I am really happy with the current layout I'm using. As you can notice on the first week of September I did a lot of free writing. I find this very helpful in releasing my inner thoughts.

That's it for my September 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up.

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