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The Year I Wore Less Makeup Than Usual

I’ve been wearing less and less makeup than usual, and I love it.

It feels good not to cram in the morning blending my foundation. It feels nice not to be late in another event perfecting my contour and highlight. And it feels great not to do too much scrubbing at night just to remove my makeup.

I think the only time I wear a full face makeup are days when I have hosting gigs - two to three times in a month, at most 4. The regular makeup I do at work is not that crazy to begin with, but still I was wearing less than the usual and less than what I used to before.

Don’t get me wrong, makeup will forever be part of my life and I will keep on buying and collecting makeup for sure! But, at some point I realized how I look doesn’t have to be on point every single time. At the end of the day, no one even cares! And can we include the fact na single naman ako at walang kailangan i-impress na tao!

Anyway, in this post I’ll try to give you a glimpse on what it has been the year I wore less makeup than usual. The lessons, the tips and everything in between! Let’s begin.

It is all about skincare

I think what made me confident in revealing my skin more, especially at work is the condition of my skin. I’ve never felt this good about my skin. No more annoying bumps on the forehead, less oily skin and just occasional pimple on common areas that fades away in a few days. Pwera usog, but I do believe I finally master the products that will work on me.

My picks? Avon Anew 360 Illuminating Set and Mumuso Aloe Vera Gel!!! I also adore Witch Hazel Toner and old trustee St. Ives Scrub. You can watch my current skincare routine to know everything from day and night. Proper skincare is everything. The more that you take care of your skin, the less makeup you actually need to wear.

The “No Makeup” Makeup

On days when I do wear makeup I go with the whole “no makeup” makeup look. I dab a little BB cream on my under eyes, forehead, cheekbone and chin then blend like normal. Next, I put on cheek tint on the apples of cheeks and put the same on my lips. My favorite would be the KJM Lip and Cheek Tint in Bittersweet Magenta which is also part my Best of 250 pesos and below makeup products.

If I want to go the extra mile I put on some mascara on my lashes but not all the time. The above has got to be the least amount of makeup I will wear this days. Mostly it is when I have to go out with someone or with friends, client meeting or work-related affairs.  

You can use makeup to relieve stress

Whenever I feel stressed at work or feel like the universe is not cooperating with me, I will silently go to rest room with my makeup bag. Right then I will start doing my “no makeup” makeup look and will feel alive again. It impresses me how wearing a liquid lipstick can change the way I feel on a particular day. You can actually use makeup to relieve stress and no matter how less makeup than usual you wore it will still make you more presentable.

Best to get those brows done professionally

For someone like me who can’t leave the house without fixing thy brows, grooming is soooo important. I remember how horrible I was with my brows before (Picture 1 and Picture 2) but now I’m getting better.

This year I spend extra 130 pesos every two weeks to get my brows threaded at the salon. It’s actually satisfying to see my brows on it's natural shape. Plus I only use a little stroke of brow pencil or the cream on Maybelline’s Brow Palette and I am good to go.

I highly recommend this Lip and Cheek Tint from KJM!

Focusing on what matters more

I’ve been working hard in getting healthier and more beautiful on the inside. I’ve been updating my water intake, tracking my sleep and spending “me-time” a lot. Although I still need to do some exercise and be better on my food choices. I am also taking Conzace, just because it's a multivitamin that is good for the skin too.

Going simpler on my makeup also made me focus on the more important matters around me. I ended up having extra 15 minutes in the morning to review my bullet journal and plan my day. I also had time to go at our tindahan earlier and talk with my parents while eating some pandesal.

Saving more money

And can I just add that this year is also the year I’ve spent less money on makeup? I think I only shop every two months and I will normally get everything I need at once rather than buy na paisa-isa. I am also fortunate to have worked with Beauty MNL and Silky Girl Cosmetics who both generously gave me products to add in my collection.

Aside from those sponsored posts I can actually say that I’ve never spent that much money on makeup. I even had a big clear-out before 2017 ends, which is both exciting and terrifying if I may share. I picture my makeup collection to include only the products I really like and I really use just like those on my beauty wish list.

5 Surprising Things That Happen When You Wear Less Makeup Than Usual

  • Your prep time is way faster, making you feel more in control with your time
  • Your skin will thank you. I felt like last year when I wore makeup almost everyday my skin got really irritated and angry. I ended up forming bumps on my forehead.
  • You will get fewer breakouts because you let your skin breathe more.
  • You will develop more confidence in being bare and will even have real woke up like this moments!
  • You will stop being a perfectionist and will pointing out your flaws. There’s a deeper connection when you see your skin in it's natural side. Personally, now that I wore less makeup I became more addicted looking at my face in the mirror. I feel like glowing from inside and out!

At the end of the day it’s your choice and call. Whether you wear less makeup today and full face tomorrow, it is all up to you! Girls don’t need other’s opinion on what we should or should not do anyway. Makeup should be an outlet to release our creative side and we must be forever confident with or without it.  

What are your thoughts about wearing makeup?

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