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How I Achieve Blogging Peace with a Full-Time Job

Hi everyone! As you all know I consider blogging as a big part of my life.

I've been doing this for four years and it had changed my life completely. To be honest I pray I can have this whole blogging + YouTube hobby as a full-time career. Maybe 2-3 years from now.

Maintaining a blog is pure hard work.

I am actively blogging on two platforms, a personal finance blog - SavingsPinay and a beauty and lifestyle blog - IzzaGlino

I also have a YouTube Channel and an event hosting service I promote to people. On top of that I work full-time as a System Documentation Associate in Makati.

People ask me how I do it. They are surprised to know that even though I have a full-time job I can still pursue different passion projects.

Here's the truth:

Everything can be done as long as you put your mind and your heart into it. 

Today I'd like to share my productivity hacks to achieve blogging peace with a full-time job. Here's what I did for the last 4 years to become a more productive blogger.

I Define My Blogging Life

One thing that helped me find peace in this insane world of blogging is to define how my life will be. I created my mission statement, my blogging goals and my plans as a blogger. Doing this helped me identify what should be done and what the next actions will be. 

People call it a Business Plan For Your Blog but for me its just a simple entry in my bullet journal where I narrow down everything. At times when I get lost or I feel to burdened as a blogger I read my spreads and remember why I am blogging this entire time. 

Set intentions for your blogging life. Grab a pen and notebook and start creating a simple peek and run through into your blogging life. 

I Brain Dump a Lot

Writing my thoughts and ideas into bullets turned to be an addicting part of my blogging life. It gives me so much energy to start a project or a task once I have put it our of my brain and into my bullet journal. 

Never trust your brain to remember everything. 

As soon as an idea pops out write it down or type it in your phone's notes. You can also be as traditional and keep a notebook and a pen always ready all the time. I prefer my bullet journal system for all brain dumps and master planning.

I Set a Schedule for my Blog Posts

For the first two years that I'm blogging I have always struggled on what to post and when to post it. Thanks to reading countless blogs online I have found myself a blogging schedule that works.

As I've mentioned in my Five Things in the Next Four Months post I am following a new schedule here in the blog. 

Mondays and Fridays will be makeup and skincare posts (BEAUTY), Wednesdays will be for Books, Blog and Bullet Journal (PASSIONS) while Sundays will be spent on personal posts, life updates, devotionals, travel diaries and random musings (LIFE)

A clear schedule can give you all the insanity as a blogger and make your readers happy as well. They know when you are posting what so they'll be sure more motivated to visit and to subscribe to your platform. 

I Work in Bulk

Another cool thing I learned is the power of batching things. 

I felt like I have always been chasing after something throughout my blog life and now I can pretty much say that I have improved a lot. 

I work in bulk on creating my contents, blog photos and filming YouTube videos so I have more time to edit and to publish. 

Working in bulk can be pretty messy but imagine the effort, energy and time you can save in the long run. You can visit My Weekly Blogging Routine to know more about how I work in bulk and how I get things done as a blogger.

I Use an Editorial Calendar

Since I have defined what my blog is all about (see item #1 above) and created a blog posting schedule (see item #3 above) its way easier to use an editorial calendar. 

Editorial Calendar works to give you a basic plan of what posts will be live on what day. You can write down your planned contents, put check or done when its completed and cancel out if you missed publishing it. 

I use Google Calendar as my own Editorial Calendar. It works perfect for me to drag and drop my post in a current month. Find a system that works for you. I'll talk more about a Blog Editorial Calendar in next post. 

I Treat My Blog and YouTube Channel as a Business

It took me long to realize how important taking your hobbies seriously. This is the best step that you can transition your blog from hobby to an income-generating machine. 

I gave my time and my focus on the blog/YouTube Channel like an actual job. My weekends have been devoted to improving everything from admin tasks to marketing tasks. 

Staying consistent helps and Hard work pays. If people can see the love you give on  your hobby then you'll surely succeed. 

I Built an Blog Post Idea Bank

Another important thing I do to achieve blogging peace with a full-time job is building a blog post idea bank. Every day I set about 15-30 minutes to research post ideas from different resources. 

I created a blog post on Where to Get Post Ideas for Your Blog and I really try to have as many as possible for times when I don't know what to blog. Using Evernote or any note-taking application can help. 

That's it. I hope this post helps you achieve blogging peace too. If it did share your thoughts on the comment section below!

How do you keep your blogging peace?