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October 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I present to you my Bullet Journal Set Up for October 2017.
I had a major change on my usual bullet journal set up this month. It was a complete overhaul and the main reason for this is the reflection I did before September ends.
I’ve been using the bullet journal system for two years and counting already and over the course of my journey I never really felt fulfilled with my system.

I dream for the day that I can say I already have a system, a workflow to follow. So I decided to spend the last three months of 2017 trying out new layouts. This is in preparation for my 2018 Bullet Journal too.
The changes in my bullet journal set up for October may surprise those who have long been referring to my monthly set ups. But, this change is for the better.
Anyway, with that being said and done below are the details of my October 2017 Bullet Journal.

October 2017 Monthly Calendar

My Bullet Journal Monthly Page is completely changed to this functional one spread detailed set up.
The inspiration for this set up is from @ on Instagram. This monthly calendar combines schedules, project timeline, monthly to do lists and those random tasks that should be done for the given month.
So far I am liking this set up a lot. Now that I am on a productive sprint to finish 2017 strong, I badly needed a set up that could motivate me to take action. The idea of a project timeline is so smart. It gives me an overall view on what I should be doing next.

October 2017 Goals and Focus

I love setting goals for a new month. I’ve been big fan of listing what I want to achieve on different areas of my life since the beginning.
I may not be as proactive in achieving my monthly goals and focus, but writing them all down helps me focus.
If I don’t set a goal, I feel empty.

September Goals and What Happened to Them

Below are the major goals I set last month and the corresponding progress I made:
1. Do Morning Pages. FAILED - But, although I failed I still manage to do daily journaling at the end of the day in my bullet journal. It was the month that I really spent time writing down my thoughts of the day, of the week and even a review at the end of the month!

2. Finish Season 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones. FAILED – As much as I want to, my workload do not agree. Hopefully I could find time this month watching GoT.

3. Konmari my books – FAILED. Here’s another failed project last month.

4. Film How To Invest in Stocks video – FAILED

5. Recategorize posts in this blog – YES! As you can notice the new look and feel of IzzaGlino is now up!

6. Work on Wedding and Events website - - FAILED

7. Launch Free Email Course on SavingsPinay – YES! My first email course on my personal finance blog, SavingsPinay was a success. The topic I chose for the free email course is Stocks for Pinoys. It is a 5-Day free email course about the Philippine Stock Market for Beginners.

For Stats

1. Reach 175,000 pageviews on SavingsPinay from 140,5170. NOPE! 165,715
2. Reach 275,000 pageviews on IzzaGlino from 260,006.  DONE!! 280,016
3. Reach 475 followers on Instagram from 454.  Too bad, 464
4. Reach 1000 members on SavingsPinay Facebook Community from 790. 1010!!!

Major Goals for October 2017

1. Attend 4 Church Services at Victory Makati
2. Launch New Izza Glino Website
3. Read and Finish Four New Novels

October 2017 Habit Tracker

This is another set up I completely changed for October. I saw this layout in Instagram from @ and found it interesting.

So instead of the usual vertical layout, this month I used a horizontal one. Then to make it minimalist I just use an “x” to mark if I did the said habit or routine on a particular day.
I also included a tracker for my power blocks. I first heard about power blocks from Ms. Lisa Jacob of Market Your Creativity. Based on her definition;

Power blocks are periods of time, anywhere from 45-90 minutes where I do purely income-generating work.

What I did is shortened my time period to 25 minutes for the easy tasks and 45-90 minutes for my Most Important Tasks of the day.

I aim do 3-4 power blocks in a day.
My self-care is still included and I am tracking the same water intake, mood and productivity.

October 2017 Time Tracker is Gone

This has been part of my bullet journal set up for 2017, and as hard as it is, I chose to let go of this spread for October.
Although this spread is one of the best spread I’ve created, the Time Tracker became too time-consuming to make for me. I also can’t 100% say that the spread helped me improve my productivity.
Tracking how I use my time in a day is good but there has got to be some definitions as to what and how I do it. And because I can’t make up my mind, I believe it is time to remove this on my set up.
If you want to try this Monthly Time Tracker you may refer to this tutorial on how I use it.

October 2017 Weekly and Daily Pages

This is almost the same format as the weekly pages and daily pages I did for the past three months.
There are bullet journalists who like more white space on their spreads, but for me I love seeing my weekly and daily pages completely filled out. It gives me the sense of productivity.

That's it for my October 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up.

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  1. For the first time in the mean time I have set some goals for a month just like you and I hope that I get to achieve all of them. I wish that this journal is completed soon.