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Goodbye February, Hello March 2018

It's time to recap what happened for the month of November with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month.

February was such an amazing month and I can’t wait to share to you all the highlights of my month.

Let's begin.

Volunteers Assembly



In case you don’t know, I attend church at Victory Makati every Tuesday, 7pm.

I got saved in college but I wasn’t fully committed in my walk with God. It was only October last year when I made the decision to attend church service again and I’ve been attending ever since. Not missing a single one!

All praise to God!

The regular church service opened a ton of learning. I now belong to a Victory Group, a sisterhood that guides me in my current season.

During Volunteer’s Week at the end of January I said yes to God once more. I am now part of a church ministry, something I’ve never done before.

We had a Volunteer’s Assembly one Saturday and it was so much fun. I volunteered at Communications Ministry, praying my gift of writing and hosting will be of service to Victory Makati.

I’m so excited with this opportunity to serve the Lord. Made me feel like I really am a part of greater purpose.

Miss Right Meets World Book Launch

Remember my dinner with my spiritual mom last January?

Well, she recently launched her second book and it was like reunion with all of us, men and women of Christ, who were once touched by her faithfulness.

Miss Right Meets World is the perfect book to indulge if you’re in a constant battle between what the world says about you or how the world sees you and what the Word is telling you.


A Weekend at Viera Residences Quezon City

Another exciting event happened this February, my family and I spent the long weekend at my eldest sister condo in Viera Residences, Quezon City.

It was my first every staycation experience.

I created a post on the five things we did during the 2Days, 2Nightsspent at Viera Residences.

Getting My Second Google Adsense Payment

Blogging allowed me to earn extra money while working full-time. How?

One of the ways I make money blogging is through Google Adsense. These are the banner ads you see through the blog, from the sidebar to the inside of every post.

Merely viewing the ads help me monetize my blogs which in turn adds to my extra income fund. Thank you so much for supporting this humble passion of mine.

For more of my journey to financial freedom, head on to


I’m Cooking!!!

Another great part of my February were the days I volunteer to cook a meal for my family. It all started last year when I became the chef for our Media Noche.

I never thought cooking will be this fun!

This February I cooked Pork Binagoongan and Chicken Curry.

And because I mentioned how I’d like to share my cooking on a post I’ll be sharing the process on how I cooked each dish.

If you follow me on Instagram it’s part of my Highlights too.

Pork Binagoongan

1. Pakuluan yung baboy (mabuto dapat) sa luya, paminta, dahon ng laurel at luya

2. Sa isang kawali mag-gisa ng bawang, sibuyas at kamatis

3. Ilagay ang pinakuluang baboy. Haluin mabuti.
Isunod ang bagoong at isang tasang tubig. Takpan at pakuluan.

4. Timplahan. Huling ilagay ang talong (optional) at pakuluan muli


Chicken Curry

Recipe reference:

1. Igisa ang carrots and patatas

2. Isunod ang pag-prito ng manok.

3. Sa parehong kawali mag-gisa ng bawang at sibuyas.

4. Ilagay ang prinitong manok at timplahan ng patis.

5. Mag-lagay ng curry powder. 2-3 kutsara. Haluin ng mabuti.

6. Lagyan ng 1-2 tasang tubig at pakuluan. Isunod ang coconut milk,
haluing mabuti habang nilalagay ito.

7. Huling ilagay ang ginisang carrots and patatas. Pakuluan muli.



Things I’m Excited for Next Month

Holy Week in Samar!

It’s finally happening. I’ll be spending the Holy Week in Samar, my province.

This trip opens a lot of firsts in my life.

1.         This the first time I’ll ride a plane.
2.         This is the first time I’ll traveling with my family complete.
3.         This is the first time I’m going to our province.

I actually have been to Samar once nung 5 years old pa lang ako but since I don’t have any memory of the trip I still count this March to be a first time for me.

Planning for Korea Trip

I got my Korean Visa already!!!!!!!!

This is another major life breakthrough for me. It’s my first time to travel abroad. For the month of March, Nica and I will be spending time to plan for our trip.


What an amazing month February is. Can’t wait for what March has to offer!

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